MASSIVE WIN!! three Re-Triggers In A Row!? Buffalo Gold Revolution Slot Gadget! BONUS!!

Implausible Bonus on Buffalo Gold Revolution at Golden Gate On line casino Las Vegas! Revel in!!! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Sign up for my channel club: …

33 Replies to “MASSIVE WIN!! three Re-Triggers In A Row!? Buffalo Gold Revolution Slot Gadget! BONUS!!”

  1. I love buffalo revolution but it's too hard to win n get bonus. I've try it every time I go to my local casino. Idk how ppl here on youtube get all this amazing winss

  2. Awesome bonus, esp. for the way it started. Congratulations! It would be better, sometimes, if you could get more spins instead of heads

  3. [dramatic ominous music] This machine is quiet…too quiet. And it continued to be quiet as it snuck off with your bankroll. Ouch! Every time the hold ‘n’ spin coins ricocheted, so did my tears. Wild Chuco was basically like Wild Carlos, sneaking off and peeing behind the couch. 😒🐕💦🛋 ¡No bueno! 🤬

    But ermagerrrrrd!!! BERFERLERRRR!!!! Fluffy. 👏🏻 Plains. 👏🏻 Beasts. 👏🏻 That is how it’s done!!!! 🥳 And not only that, but we viewers get the added bonus of seeing your lovely face and feeling like we are right there with you. ♥️ Quite frankly that is better than all the money imaginable, but congratulations on your stellar win nonetheless!!! Fantastic amount of retriggers! Yay coins! WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!! 🤸‍♀️💃🏻💰💰💰

    Another fabulous video as always! 👸🏼🇨🇦🎰♥️

  4. Always makes me smile seeing you get those big blasts, seeing you do your happy dance and that Beautiful eye smile brings just a little light to these dark times. Best of luck to you 🙂

  5. Very nice win Sarah! And how fun to see your face while playing. Love it! Happy New Year, let’s hope this is a better one! 🥂

  6. Wow, Sarah, that was a great win on the buffalos! I was surprised because you went right into the free games and didn’t even collect any buffalo heads before the bonus. Didn’t seem to make a difference LOL. Congrats on your win and I hope you have a safe and happy new year. 🎉

  7. If I sell everything I own and fly from Australia to Vegas , would you meet me for a coffee…? So enamoured . Happy New Year xx

  8. Love watching your videos, always puts a smile on my face. Just wish your luck would rub on me when I go to the casino. Lol

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