42 Replies to “MASSIVE Giveaway! + Difficult River Resolution | Rampage Poker Vlog”

  1. Oy! Great job giving back here. Really kind of you to think that way. Already a sub and casual follower, but now I'm in. Hope you're a crusher from here, on. Sick ship on the bracelet, too. Lets go!

  2. Do you hit a set every fucking time you play? Also multiple boats? I can play for 8 hours and not hit a set. You do realize you're lucky as fuck, right?

  3. I Dont understand.
    @ 8:39 He had pocket 7's. There's a 7 and 2 jacks on the board. He has a full house.
    How did he lose to Ace/Jack?
    Board has – Jack Hearts – 8 Clubs – 7 Spade – Queen Club – Jack Spade
    I'm confused. I'm also new LOL

  4. Hey Ethan. You must fold the turn dude!
    They are playing so much nity than you!..
    And more scared money. You can never proceed with one pair which is not top top. Btw, it was the bottom of his range… usually you almost drawing dead there… must fold. You should keep your creative play for heads up and not multi !!
    You must adjust your fold button…
    People in casino bet 97% for pure value..
    You should bluff them or value bet them..
    Not call them with mediocre hands

  5. That 66 call is honestly one of the worst calls i've ever seen. You might have somehow been good here but 99% you are losing. There were no draws he could actually call you with on flop except K10 KJ J10 which either made 2nd pair on nut straight on the turn and you often will see bad players protect bet small on river on that runout 2nd pair.

  6. I was recommended your channel because I watch other players’ videos. But I’ve continued watching yours and stopped watching theirs because you are so earnest and good-hearted. The fact that has continued in the aftermath of your great win is a testament to your character. You are an amazing ambassador for poker. Keep up the amazing work. I hope you never stop learning and never lose your love for the game. Blessings to you!

  7. Wow, I can't believe J9 didn't end up shoving on you on the reraise. That's some disciplined poker right there. Look out for that guy going forward.

  8. Really hoping to get some good news Monday or watching to reveal video! The bills are due soon and it’s almost the 1st of the month! Feeling 🍀

  9. Got to know when to fold them.. you’re not heads up.. you only have top pair without top kicker.. if I were in your spot I read over pair.. top pair top kicker.. or has straight.. easy fold.. can’t keep getting sticky.. but on another note.. props for giving back

  10. I would use it to get my fiance the medicine she needs to help out her mental illness, shes been in bad state and I've been working my life away to afford it and I wish everyone a blessed day and weekend.. much love yall

  11. I will not be participating in this giveaway but you are a very good person for doing it. A lot of people hurting out there

  12. Amazing idea! Artist/Actor in NY who lost my day job doing social media back in March & struggling to keep afloat. Money would help with food, rent and other bills as well as help my awesome mom as we struggle during this time. Thank you so much! Congrats on your win!

  13. I randomly came across a video of yours; My first thought…."Wow, he resembles an old friend I haven't seen in 9 years!" Only exception is that you're probably a foot taller! Congrats on your WSOP Victory! You truly have great poker knowledge and your explanation during the hand is very easy to follow. I find myself eager for the next video and the next and the next!! Take Care

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