Marvel Egg Roulette Problem

We put an egg-celently dangerous roulette twist in this recreation of Tremendous Bunny Guy, as a result of it is 2020 and there aren’t any regulations anymore! This video was once shot with an excessively …

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  2. I got all the endorphins watching this, and I may or may not feel slightly guilty. Something about the neck crack sound effect just did it for me.

  3. Just for fun, I think you guys should do a "Smosh Games Olympics" where every game is chosen by 1 member of the Smosh Games crew and the finale is chosen by someone not normally on camera (Garrette, Tim, etc). And each game comes with its own challenge/punishment but the finale comes with an EXTREME challenge/punishment for the loser(s) and an ULTIMATE reward for the winner(s). Sorta like Smosh Summer/Winter Games but in the more typical gaming style that Smosh Games is known for (board games, card games, video/computer games, mobile games, etc)

  4. I'm going to do a British version of Smosh. Obviously not the same name πŸ˜‰
    But your jobs look soooo fun. Who wouldn't wanna do this for a living…

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