MANY Progressives & BIG WIN! Fortress King Slot System Bonus ~ WMS

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MANY Progressives! Fortress King Slot System Bonus! ~ WMS (Alexander the Nice)

This used to be my first time taking part in this slot device bonus upload on via WMS — Fortress King! It is a native house modern slot that is hooked up to 4 G+ Deluxes. On this case the slot device I used to be taking part in used to be Alexander the Nice. It seems to be an amazing win with many progressives received and retriggers and a wide variety of excellent stuff. Quite talking, likelihood is that medium to get a Jackpot on a medium to max guess on those Fortress King video games. Experience!

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41 Replies to “MANY Progressives & BIG WIN! Fortress King Slot System Bonus ~ WMS”

  1. Nothing wrong with going alone – I do my best slotting solo. 🙂 There are some slot meet and greets in Vegas a few times a year – the next one is in April. Can meet a lot if nice people who love slots. Check out Slotfanatics if interested. 🙂

  2. Manitoba I'd love to go to Vegas but have no one that is interested in gambling to go with. There's a couple of the good fun games we have here but nothing near what in Vegas

  3. Hey thanks Mathieu. Well, this one was very hard to find. I only ever saw it in Vegas. Yea, Canada is tough but I've seen a few good games at a few Canadian casinos but yea, in general you need to get to Vegas to experience most of the good ones. What province you in?

  4. It sure is Deryk! As it is, I have to travel from New Hampshire to Vegas to play it…almost just as far as you. 🙂 Not sure why this was never that popular…it's pretty fun.

  5. going to the local Indian casino tomorrow night to practice! LOL Doesn't pay much, but fun and a night out of the house with friends……I have never seen half the games you post. I like watching so I know which ones look like fun. Keep posting!

  6. I just got back from playing in DC earlier this month. Next month we have a tournament and then I think I'm going to a tournament in Ft. Lauderdale over Thanksgiving weekend.

  7. No problem – Thx for watching and the note. I had been wanting to try it since it came out – so when I saw it at Aria I parked by butt there until I got this bonus. Turned out to be a good one. 🙂

  8. Nice!! Hmmm…well, my favorite places for Atmosphere are Aria and Palazzo/Venitian. But honestly, you'll have fun no matter where you are on the strip. As far as payout – on strip they'll all be about the same. Off strip you'll get a bit better %'s…but probably not enough to noticce much difference. Where are you staying?

  9. This is awesome…..I'm headin to Vegas in 8 wks….never really been. Any suggestions on the strip (no car) for places to paly…payout, atmosphere, fun!?
    Love the vids….keep 'em coming!

  10. My thought exactly…it does exist! :). I think you came by right after this – This is when we met B's friends and then they left to the pool. 🙂

  11. At 3:28, you can see the 'King's Chamber' icon go by on Reel 3. If that landed there, you'd get an automatic pick of the King's treasure…. At least that one shows up on the reels, unlike Life of Luxury!!! LOL Amazing bonus, Dan. I don't know where I was on this one. LOL

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