PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Glossybox Creation Calendar LookFantastic Creation Calendar This stuff had been talented to me, however this video isn’t backed in any …


  1. Very disappointed with the glossy box calender. Seems like the ones send out for promo have way better products than the ones clients can buy. I don't have a single item Soph showed in this video :/

  2. It still came out kinda editorial with the pink lashes but as everyone has already mentioned about the order/ sequence, can you do it again?? I'm sure that gloss must have felt yuckyyy on the face! but the lips turned out decent tho!!

  3. This makes absolutely zero sense. Use the product in the place it is meant to go, just in the order you pick them. I'm really confused.

  4. Love your videos Soph!! The tiny makeup sponge from the 1st box you opened is for your eye area (in case you didn’t alrdy know) little sponges like that are rly helpful for applying eye primer & concealer around the eyes! Keep being awesome ❤️

  5. loved it just stunning !!!! i have worn estee lauder all my life try the new one its snuggling in my drawer to try but i just love estee ! double wear is just great it wont wont budge until you remove it ! get a sample to try ! good luck x

  6. Okay first love you, second it would be cool to alter this a bit for another advent calendar to apply the makeup in the order its generated ie instead of trying to use eyeliner as primer you would start the look with eyeliner as the first step. So everything would be out of order, but used for the right purpose

  7. Here in Slovakia we actually celebrate on Christmas Eve (called the Christmas Day here lol) and also open presents that evening which is why I think some calendars do 24 doors? When I heard "there are 25 doors here" my brain immediately went "why so many?" until I remembered the more western traditions of Christmas day being on the 25th.

  8. I think you should have just used the product for what the product was used for… so like lip liner use liner for, get lip gloss use as lip gloss… just go out of order 🤷🏼‍♀️ might of been a better video

  9. You did a way better job than I would’ve. That would be a nightmare if I tried to use a brow pencil on my lips. It came out looking pretty good for what it was 😂😂

  10. Loved this video Soph but maybe you could have checked the door in one calendar and if you couldn't use that try the other advent calendar?

  11. I'm sorry Soph but this video really stressed me out… the way you kept putting the used numbers back in then looking in them again when generated. I was like "Please just remove the box once its been looked in" it just really dragged on aha

  12. Gal, can I suggest that next time/next year you do the same generator thing BUT rather than putting them on in order or eg. Lipgloss as blush, it would be cool to actually create a full look with what each product is meant for but that the generator has chosen for you for each category? I don’t know if that makes sense?
    Anyway! Congrats to you for managing to make that look pretty good considering the circumstances 😂

  13. Is it bad that i actually like this make up look (except the huda lipstick lashes) 😂 done so well 👏🏼 Shame you didn’t open 25 in glossybox 👀 xxx

  14. Actually an oil product (skincare) can replace the oil lost throughout the day because of your skin type rather than make it more oily

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