Madden 21 NEXT GEN Aaron Rodgers GAMBLER ACTIVATED! On-line Recreation

Aaron Rodgers appears to be like to show Kyler Murray the ropes as of late on this Madden NFL 21 Subsequent Gen On-line ranked fit struggle! Post your Madden 21 most sensible 10 performs …

29 Replies to “Madden 21 NEXT GEN Aaron Rodgers GAMBLER ACTIVATED! On-line Recreation”

  1. honestly hoped EA was working on next gen and that was why 21 current gen was so plain. But all they changed was footplanting. The entire game is the same.. and the only changes are changes that are small and stuff we could’ve prob had on last gen.. we need to seriously boycott next year it’s the only way to get a new game I completely have given up. Looks wise they didn’t even bother to change anything besides the play call screen. No refs still a broken pregame show still no halftime show .. on a next gen console … depressing 😔

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