21 Replies to “Louis CK Poker scene from episode 2 of LOUIE on FX each TUESDAY at 11pm”

  1. Love how Louis CK writes his actors' traits into the scene – DiPaolo's conservative disgust, Jim Norton's perversity.

  2. The word became a thing because a bundle of sticks is a burden… it used to be a term used to describe women, then it became a term to describe a man who doesn't pull their own weight. It had nothing to do with kindling.

  3. If people can destroy/change the definition of words like "epic", "racist", "literally", etc… then the word "faggot" can certainly have an evolved meaning.

  4. There’s been a recent wave of sensitivity and emotionalism which have had a wave of tension. If people can watch the relationship between these fellas and learn how not to overreact and be irrational, things would be a lot smoother and better.

  5. Easily, the best scene in the whole series. And there were a ton. But this was a realistic and genuine conversation among guy friends. Never see realistic dude conversations on TV.

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