LIVE: BLACKJACK PART 2! $1500 Purchase-in!


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39 Replies to “LIVE: BLACKJACK PART 2! $1500 Purchase-in!”

  1. Sadly, Sarah, the video is completely unwatchable because it keeps freezing. Hopefully I'll be able to catch you live tonight.

  2. Hi Sarah, I just watched your stream you had last night. You sure had a lot of technical problems which made it hard to follow. Well I hope everything goes more smoothly if you livestream today, I'll definitely be watching. Have yourself a G'day Sarah.

  3. Sorry to see you lose last night, I have had a few bad nights like that
    in my over 40 years of recreational playing, I have never started with more than a
    $300 commitment. You are a great player but to win going up against a dealer head to
    head for a predetermined approx one hour more or less session
    is very very difficult. I enjoy it mostly when you hit a winning run against the dealer.
    You have lots of guts to always hit on a 15 or 16, I couldn't do it without
    much sweating. I definitely never take a hit with those cards,against a dealers 7 up card.
    Keep up your entertaining videos, I am learning a lot more about the game and
    your excellent money management. I do like it when you take a random chance
    and triple your bet, I always table hop looking for a hot shoe, so watching you play
    one on one play is very entertaining, good luck to a great player.

  4. Did anybody else think they looked like “ Life Savers “ on the bonus button when it lit up, reminded me of Willy Wonker 😂 Glad your having a break from Vegas Hun , just love the way you don’t just stay in one place , be Safe Hun 🙏

  5. I have seriously watched 25 or 30 of your videos now and I can honestly say that i have seen you lose thousands. And I only recall one winning session in the amount of 3 or 4 hundred. Must be some back story on how you have acquired all the money you are gambling with. Either way, wish you all the luck.

  6. I haven't finished the video yet, so am assiduously avoiding looking down, but as a side note, I REALLY want to visit this casino soon, and get this dealer! What a fantastically nice person! Ok, back to the video…

  7. You could probably leave a stack of reds by the progressive and the dealer will take one off the top and place the bet for you every hand.

  8. I wish all casinos shuffled their cards by hand. I don't trust the shuffle Kings no matter what anybody says. Especially playing Pia Gow.

  9. Maybe you should leave when you make $1000. You had a great run in the beginning! I was really cheering for you and hoping you would get out after the first 12 minutes. Better luck next time.

  10. Sarah, go back and watch the history of your video and see how many times Aces play like 5 or 6, I think you will be surprised by the results.

  11. Is it just me ??? I'm watching in 720 on phone and even streaming on TV cards seems so hard to see lately especially the suits and the dealer cards….anyone else have hard time seeing these cards even after she zoomed in ???

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