Lifeless by way of Sunlight introduces a two-in-one killer: the Twins

Lifeless by way of Sunlight pits 4 survivors in opposition to one killer — however the sport’s latest antagonist appears extra like two killers. Meet the Twins, which have been published in a brief animation from Behaviour Interactive.

We didn’t be informed the killers’ talents, but it surely looks as if the large boy wields a hook, and his little gremlin significant other suits well into a large chasm in his chest. There’s surely a large number of lore as to the place this man comes from, and what’s up together with his little passenger, however now we have but to find the place he comes from and why the Entity recruited him. Alternatively, if the animation is any indication, it looks as if he can release his significant other at survivors to pin them down. David King, a long-time survivor, helpfully demonstrates how fatal this will also be.

There’s additionally a brand new survivor: Élodie Rakoto. She’ll have her personal set of perks and abilities that assist her restore turbines and break out the fit. Élodie and the Twins will debut within the bankruptcy, A Binding of Relatives, together with a brand new map.

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