Let's Gamble $10,000 On Top Prohibit Slot Machines In Las Vegas | Top Prohibit Slot Machines | Jackpot

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43 Replies to “Let's Gamble $10,000 On Top Prohibit Slot Machines In Las Vegas | Top Prohibit Slot Machines | Jackpot”

  1. Why dont you help poor people. That Will make you more happy than feeding your soul with casino money. You Will never be happy.

  2. It seems the newer the machine is the less they pay out per hit .It is pitiful when yiu are playing that much and hit three of the same thing and it doe snot even pay what you bet
    The older machines would at least give you what you played
    It is the same everywhere you go now

  3. so now I can believe that you are not only shows us winning or Jackpot time.
    Love this reality slot machine video how fast they can take your money away…
    Thanks for sharing NG.
    but it hurts…$-10,000$ 😩😩

  4. Yeah, you want us to support you but you are earning more than us from this video and plus your winnings like over $10,000 every time you play games. You should give us money too. Hehehehe

  5. Are machines brand new? I've been following you and Brian for sometime and hv not seen these machines yet till now. I'm viewing my computer right now in Denver, Colorado, USA. You should include casino name and place. Thanks anyway.

  6. Hey dude, pls. show us the whole screen most importantly, the amount of bet; the amount of winning; the amount of credit left and the number of free games you get. For us to enjoy more and not be bored. Thank you.

  7. Are you a millionaire song because how do you keep playing with that large amount of money? I know people with money just like the thrill off the slot machine and total why except I'm not I'm a millionaire or nowhere near that. And I definitely don't have the money that you play with

  8. I truly appreciate your honesty. I am a gambler and love slots, but I know from experience , that you lose more than you win. Yes , I have been lucky sometimes! The casinos are the real winners! Love watching your videos!

  9. Hi NG! I love your reminder to continue to have fun & not use gambling as a form of investment . Love your videos!✨✨💪🏽

  10. I really like the fact of you mentioning to beware of people only posting wins, the Casino ALWAYS wins, its just a matter of balancing your comps/rooms/shows/etc vs your slot play or (your spending budget). Some years you will win a little or come up even, some you will lose just a little **If you are very lucky**. I really like your approach. We have been busy with the wildfires so I have a lot of catching up to do so like always, lots of good luck bud!!

  11. I was distracted by that Wolf Run Gold slot machine, during the Griffin free games. Could you please one day play that Wolf Run Gold slot machine? 😘🥰 Just like everyone else. I love how realistic your slot videos are.

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