Let's Bonus Some Slots! On-line On line casino Bonus Compilation [BIG WINS?] [Some Roulette?]

This video/circulate is an Instance of ways the slots can play & is to be thought to be tutorial for the audience.

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45 Replies to “Let's Bonus Some Slots! On-line On line casino Bonus Compilation [BIG WINS?] [Some Roulette?]”

  1. Ffs can you not hold your breath for 30 secs. Listening to your retching through a pair of beats studio is so gross and annoying…….yik

  2. Great video ive been busy with moving so not seen any of your recent vids but ill catch up on every single one of them in due course your still number one dude

  3. I got stacked wilds on this game the other day and it paid 540x was shocked, I had nearly full screen wilds, x2 wilds it was at slotv casino.

  4. nice vid pal but just 1 thing when u get the bonuses try and hide the top box with how much money you have as this updates as soon as u get a bonus so i knew how much the bonus went for before it began.But still a great vid as always

  5. Craig , think about profit taking when you can , the high point of this video certainly allowed the option of doing that. We all know that in many sessions it can be impossible to get that chance.

  6. You realise red tiger games update you balance before bonus starts,so we could see what you had won straight away at top balance on screen:)

  7. Great video man so many good setups and it just bent you over but you kept fighting back you are due a big one soon I'll be watching out for it

  8. That bonus buy game in the end only seems to shout "fire in the hole" when you've got a win involving those reels, otherwise it doesn't destroy them.

  9. Thank you for taking the time to update the running totals at the bottom! Keeps me off the slots seeing the long term figure on the left, but love checking the day's figures on the right to see if you'll make a profit! Always hope you will!

  10. Sorry I missed the stream. Ah slot planet is one of those ones that your balance updates before the bonus. Seen it on Dragon Fire. Seems something casinos could fix easily.

  11. Craig do all your giveaway rely on gambling site sign ups? I've used game stop for 5 years. (best thing I ever done) be cool if you did a small give away just for viewers. (not that you don't) a Craig slots hoodie for winter would be ideal. Also great stream with jimbo. But next to a actual adult male. Jimbo looks like a rent boy. A cheap rent boy.

  12. I should think so too Craig I've never been so insulted ignoring my messages in the live stream šŸ˜‚bollox mate you don't have to apologise it was a cracking stream šŸ‘

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