Les Ambassadeurs NLHE Personal Sport Episode 1 – Triton Poker London 2019

🔱 Revel in the most recent #TritonPoker Tremendous Top Curler Collection Money Sport, filmed on the marvelous Les Ambassadeurs On line casino in London, England. Seated on the desk are Tom Dwan, Paul Phua, Qiang Wang, Elton Tsang, Tan Xuan, Wai Kinfolk Yong, and Yu Liang.

Statement through the ever-incredible Lex Veldhuis.

📅 Match: Triton London 2019
📌 Location: London, England

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32 Replies to “Les Ambassadeurs NLHE Personal Sport Episode 1 – Triton Poker London 2019”

  1. ดูวาน.หากไม่ทำหน้าทะเล้น​ท์ จะดูน่ารัก.. น่ะ

  2. tbh.. this could not look more boring.. ps a poker room really doesnt need to look like the back of a chinese restaurant.. Put some effort in it…

  3. it is in GB? and the table language is chinese/mandarin? really? how rude. But with the Triad boss at the table (Phua) I also would not complain if I were Dwan…xd

  4. The camera angles could definitely be better. Too many super closeups of faces and views half around the back of someone's head.

  5. too much non english. I would never put up money in a game like that. Too much information and tells are missed. Even if no collusion.

  6. So, no one else is gonna notice that the only White folks in sight are Drrr & the dealer…and "Chinese speaking only during the hand, please…" 😁

  7. Really need to turn up the players and down the commentators voice.
    Bad balanced, horrible mastering.
    Also tell the commentators to comment on the game, not talk just to talk, would be at least 50% less redundant info, and more room for us interested in the players.

  8. Maybe it’s me…..
    They are playing poker in England but they are talking Chinese at the table?
    Where are the English players?
    I wonder if any of them are related to the rich people who Run The CCP?
    Because that is blood money for sure………

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