Lemonade Guy (Tune Video) – Saint John the Gambler

Tune video for “Lemonade Guy”, directed via Bob Gallagher, Produced via Tony Flynn



Manufacturing Design via Clare Hynes
Manufacturing Design assistant – Zephra Cooney
Gown via Anne Marie Molloy
Further Gown – Leda DeForge
Makeup via Gillian Brown
Further Artwork Division – Marie Denham
1st Assistant Director – Tony Flynn
second Assistant Director – Daniel Butler
Digital camera, Lights & Enhancing via Bob Gallagher

Particular due to Kate Moylan, Keiron Black, The Stags Head, The Mercantile, Rosita Sweetman, Anna Rodgers, Hugh Rodgers, Historical Interiors, Tamp & Sew, and to everybody who gave the impression within the video!

15 Replies to “Lemonade Guy (Tune Video) – Saint John the Gambler”

  1. I just saw in the ferocious mingle marcade and at the beginning of this song put me goose bumps, you are amazing. Greetings from Albacete, Spain

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