Learn how to Play: Texas Cling 'Em Bonus Revolutionary

It is a variation of Texas Cling’em by which you play towards a on line casino broker. The target of the sport is to overcome the Broker’s hand by way of making the most productive 5 playing cards poker hand the use of participant’s two playing cards (Hollow Card) and as much as 5 of the Group Playing cards (or Play the Board). Gamers too can wager on our Revolutionary Jackpot and Bonus to win extra.

6 Replies to “Learn how to Play: Texas Cling 'Em Bonus Revolutionary”

  1. It's standard limit texas holdem' but with side bets and a dealer hand and fixed blinds.. Dealer pays out based on betting to each player instead of winner takes all.. This is what all the big Vegas casinos have for hard core table players now and it's garbage.. I played in Luxor; might as well be 3-card….

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  3. What are the bonus payouts and jackpot payouts. I guess jackpots are similar to Carribean stud. The bonus however is only on first 2 cards.

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