Learn how to Depend Playing cards (and Convey Down the Space)

Counting playing cards is understated, however can take time to grasp. We’ve received hundreds of thousands from casinos during the craft of card counting. On this video, Colin walks you thru methods to depend playing cards in blackjack in only a few simple steps.

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48 Replies to “Learn how to Depend Playing cards (and Convey Down the Space)”

  1. Never been to a live casino but surely nowadays card counters have a pretty limited shelf life.
    I imagine that all pit bosses and even the dealers have a rough idea of the count and once the bets start changing to the count then it won’t be long before they are thrown out and black balled

  2. Does basic strategy change when the ''count'' is very high? Basic strategy is made for a count of 0 but if there is a lot of 10s in the shoe doesnt it change some spots? Thanks!

  3. Both teams won 4 million.. I work for Encore in Boston, Encore gave this rich family from Mexico 1 million in betting credit just for fun and do thing like this often. These teams casinos fight so hard to destroy are only making pennies compared to what these casinos see..

  4. For you APs out there, I'm curious, tell me if you can, do you ever act on intuition, and go against basic strategy? For example hit on a 12 against a dealer's 4 or 5 (despite that this is against basic strategy which is based on staticistc), because you just have a feeling you'll get a card that improves your position?

  5. Can someone explain the true count segment? I always get lost at that part. I can never tell how many decks are in the used card piles and don’t know how to tell how many decks there are. Please explain if you can

  6. I NEVER COULD TELL ANYONE HOW I DID IT, BUT FOR SOME REASON I CAN TELL WHAT'S COMING UP NEXT WHEN PLAYING. Just considered it a gift. I only can do it though after a few rounds. I can see the math now. I just never could explain it when asked how I always knew. Ratio and per-portion is a natural gift for me. It's just the way my brain is wired. You would think I would be rich by now. I never have had the confidence to bet big. Maybe one day before I die I'll throw down some big hands for a big win. My husband asked me to marry him at a blackjack table. Best win of my life was when I said yes. He was my biggest jack pot in life. I sure love how he enriches my life still today.

  7. But what if the running count is lower than the number of decks? For example if the running count is two but there are 5 decks in the shoe, do I divide the 5 from the two and get a true count of 0.4? Or round it to the nearest whole number?

  8. None of these techniques will work in any modern day casino. In most casinos around the world they no longer run a shoe to its end at the Blackjack tables, instead they will run the shoe to about one deck dealt of the total 6 decks, then they add the deck back into the shoe and reshuffle.

  9. if I would have a robot that would do best possible play (Counting all cards, not just -1,0,1) How big would be my advantage ?

  10. Tried counting at the casino and lost count everytime cause my person next to me kept trying to talk to me. Good tip from the video is to not start counting till second card is dealt lol

  11. When you can be a university professor but you decide you wanna teach people this! 😂 Really appreciate the perfect explanation and I already know where this going. Obviously positive true counts means lotta of 10s and aces coming which means better chances for me to get 2 good cards and for the dealer to bust. Negative count means not even my 20 is safe against the dealer's 6. Noiccccce!!!!! And now thinking about it, some casino allow side bets that the more cards the dealer get before busting the more money you'll get paid. Like i think for example a dealer's 6 cards bust pays 1-250 😳Negative counts will be just PERFECT for those!!!!

  12. so then what do you do when the dealer puts a cut card somewhere in the middle of a 6 deck meaning they reshuffle and get a new shoe after only half way through the 6 deck??

  13. No wonder I always see dudes standing around just watching games round after round, then he joins the table at some point, makes a big one after only a few rounds in and leaves happy.

  14. Hi, I watched your video today…. I practiced card counting for one hour using one deck….. I would purposely stop my counting with 6 cards left in every shuffle….. I then used the math (i.e count) to determine exactly the different combinations of what the remaining 6 cards are…..  Result: The math (i.e. count) works like a charm, I was able to successfully  predict the last 6 cards on every shuffle…

  15. In russian blackjack is called "21" or "ochko" which can be translated as "a point".

    My dad is very skilled with cards. (soviet Russia didn't have casinos so card enthusiasts played with basically Mafia).
    He lost all his savings (being already married to my mom at that point) once, vowed to never touch cards again if he can win it back, won and actually kept his promise to this day.
    And he used to beat me up if he found out i was playing lol.

    He tried to explain what he did but i didn't get it.
    After this video i understand he was a card counter but he might have got too exited or people where just cheating.

    Anyways, he told me that theres a reason the game is called a "point" in russian.
    Because "ochko" (a point) is also a slang word for ass hole.

    And playing with gangs and mafia, card counters get fucked up the ass if they are too smart.

  16. Alright guys just watched this video in my car outside the casino, about to go in and play for the first time, let’s do this, it’s pro gamer time, here comes the money

    Edit: can any of you guys please call me an Uber I lost everything

  17. This helped me win the Gambler Challenge 8 in Rdr2. I counted the cards and won the challenge within half an hour.
    I'm not sure though I would ever play with real money. Too much anxiety.

  18. Hey. My question is, at what number of true count does the RTP is in the player advantage? How positive does it have to be?

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