Largest Blackjack Win of 2020

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23 Replies to “Largest Blackjack Win of 2020”

  1. Damn, I think he reached 200k+ on this one, starting with only 2k!!! That's nuts!
    I would've go all in with the chips and keep the 3 cards with the 150k, tho. Last bet of the day, surely, even if it's a win, cause that money is like 10+ years of work right there in my hands ahahahah
    And I admit I wouldn't have the patience he had, to be there for 1h straight playing even after he made the big profit. xD

  2. Nice. It's would be good If you keep totals and bet amounts on the screen as in other videos, it's hard to keep track of the chips and watch the game as well. And keep the full view of the dealers hands, new and spent cards. Instead of cutting away, try pause the video with the game in view and explain over the top with highlighting and text overlays. Just my opinion, otherwise keep up the great videos, I've been binge watching for the past 2 hours now!

  3. So I know you never split 10’s but I did and ended up with a 20 & 19…..I think we should split 10’s sometimes. Depending what cards were up against

  4. Hey man just an idea, but you should consider putting a money counter in the corner so we can keep up with how much you have. Love the vids

  5. Know when to walk away, know when to stay. Should've left with $260k.

    Try to set a goal and don't keep pushing the limits of greed. It never lasts forever.

  6. Never seen anyone turn $2k into $300k and then lose $200k in the last shoe. Incredibly lucky day on the black jack table but we all struggle with knowing when to walk away.

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