Kenya Can't Keep an eye on Its Kids's Playing Addictions (HBO)

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21 Replies to “Kenya Can't Keep an eye on Its Kids's Playing Addictions (HBO)”

  1. These bent slot machines are probably on about 10% payout it doesn't say the percentage anywhere on them and theres no regulation on them

  2. Hi guys, I've recorded a podcast about my gambling addiction during my twenties. I don’t want to write too much about the podcast, other than to warn you it gets very emotional and intense at times. It’s aimed at men in particular, as statistically we are more likely to become problem gamblers. I hope it helps someone out there.

  3. wdym left for the adults WOMAN!!!??? Fk it, gambles for the rich, not even adults have the will the resist their gbling habits, itd quick money but u need money to make more money just lile in any other jobs. Ban it

  4. The dude lives in Kenya lets cut him some slack its Africa gambling is the least of that mans problems that or a civil war or death spot or massacre let the man gamble for heavens sake. A man who lives in nowhere has to have some down time Hell even I gamble and there is nothing wrong with it as long as its controlled gambling uncontrolled is when you got problems.

  5. I used to stay long nights at slot machines, now I stay long nights on my computer trading after getting help from mentor, guide and financial expert. Mrs Helen Sims Duerr. I never thought I will stop gambling, however now I make enough profit and instead of gambling I put some of it back into the investment vehicle. This woman has made me profits over $840,000 and now I had to start picking her brains. So far I have been demo trading and practicing with her strategies and techniques.

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