Kenny Rogers The Gambler Via The Years – Untold True Tale

We check out Kenny Rogers ‘The Gambler’ over time

An untold true tale taking a look at his largest hits duets and existence moments. With duets from Dolly Parton Sheena Easton & Kim Carnes

We pass over his largest hits

00:00 Kenny Rogers Biography
03:09 Kenny Rogers – The First Version
04:18 Kenny Rogers – Lucille
04:50 Kenny Rogers – The Gambler
06:30 Kenny Rogers – Coward of the County
07:40 Kenny Rogers – Girl
08:42 Kenny Rogers – Via The Years
09:07 Kenny Rogers – Duets
09:22 Kenny Rogers – Each and every Time Two Fools Collide
09:45 Kenny Rogers – Don’t Fall in Love with a Dreamer
09:57 Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton – Islands In The Movement

If you have not but please take a look at our 2019 interview with Kenny.

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16 Replies to “Kenny Rogers The Gambler Via The Years – Untold True Tale”

  1. Whoa! Not sure where you got your info on
    the song Lucille but it’s about the wife
    ( Lucille) leaving the man and their children.


    “ You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille with four hungry children and a crop in the Field”

    I like your channel,
    But you need to do a better job with research as this has happened more than a few times

  2. I had both those 45s, Lucille, and the Gambler. My mom loved Kenny. His best hit is Islands In The Stream Wich he sung with Dolly Parton, I have that 45 too, I was 18yrs old when Islands In The Stream came out. RIP Kenny.

  3. Cant stand Kenny Rogers. I met him before he became famous when he was a member of the First Edition. They practiced at my friends apartment. He was a herk!

  4. Duet: Kenny & Dolly-Island in the Stream. Like all of his singles, but You Decorated My Life and She Believes in Me tied as favorites.

  5. FYI: "Lucille" was released in 1977, nearly a full year after going solo. BTW: My favorite song was "Daytime Friends" with the duel guitar riffs, I thought we were becoming the Eagles!

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