John Daly: I misplaced $55 million playing

John Daly admits to his playing dependancy, with losses over $50 million and two days directly on the slots

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Episode debuted national in 2014.

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45 Replies to “John Daly: I misplaced $55 million playing”

  1. I go to the casino, put 20 bucks in the slot machine, lose it in 20 minutes and think "what a fucking waste of 20 bucks" then head home. Listening to this, I think it's best that I'm wired that way…

  2. Grahm acts like this dude might not be telling the truth, lol, he so square he can't imagine it! I def believe 99% of what Daly says!

  3. How come there’s no comment on how much he won over those years that he lost the 55/57 million I guess that’s for him to know and for us to try to find out

  4. He is just simply an Addict , addicted to smoking, diet coke. Gambling, food and most likely other addiction I won't mention. Hats off to him for his honesty. At least he is up front. I wish him good health

  5. Your tax returns will not show gambling losses, it will show losses EQUAL to your winnings. Period. So, if you show $55M in losses, they have to equal $55M in winnings, leaving a wash. No deductions and no taxes owed on the winnings. I'm a CPA.

  6. John: "I would be in there for a day and a half for one sitting"
    Dipshit: "how?"
    John's thoughts: COCAINE
    John: "uhhh ya know, times goes fast if you're winning"

  7. This is one of the reasons why you have to gamble responsible it is better to leave with something opposed to leaving with nothing.

  8. How do you drink a beer? How do you gamble? Whats a hooker? Whats an addiction. Does this guy write the questions for this show??? This guy is like the 40 year old virgin of life.

  9. Interviewer sounds like a naive kid when Daly says that he'd sit at a blackjack table for 2 days straight. Many compulsive gamblers live in casinos until they wash out or kill themselves. I've played poker for 36 hours straight in a casino. I'm not a problem gambler, but understand the 'itch'.

  10. I don’t like the interviewers smurk, he’s always got a smucky little smile like he’s above whoever he interviews , seems disrespectful for me when he’s laughing at this guys downfall

  11. Maybe he was chasing a high that he got when he won the PGA Championship. Maybe he wanted that same kinda thrill again but it never compared to the PGA Championship Win. Jus my 2 cents

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