Jake Paul & RiceGum Advertise Playing To Children

46 Replies to “Jake Paul & RiceGum Advertise Playing To Children”

  1. 12:05 different countries have different ages to gamble. You should be saying “there’s a reason why there’s a certain age to gamble”. It just sounds like you think the USA is the best and only country in the world

  2. I’m 12 and I don’t gamble but it’s fascinating to me🙈Idk I play poker cards with mostly my brother and there is this one mode that he always beats me with that involves memorization and I wish I could add money but since he’s such an ass and we are both broke we can’t 🙈💔

  3. Feel so fkn bad for kids like imagine this scenario
    Mom can i borrow your credit card i wanna a 100 bucks
    Why son, what do you wanna buy
    Mom i watched my fav youtuber this morning and he said if i opend this iPhone mystery box i will get an iPhone x
    Alright sweetie anything to make you happy
    son opens a 100 dollar box and gets a fkn isicle

  4. So not only are this people propagating a lifestyle that is all about avarice and excessive self indulgence. they have actually stoop to scamming their own subscribers and followers, the sad part is that the scams are poorly structured and the prize offered makes no sense at all, something that would be rather apparent to most adults capable of critical thinking meaning its meant solely to hoodwinked their younger audience. What a world we live in when such daylight robbery goes unpunished and this two assholes are still vomiting out video at regular intervals to millions of view each.

  5. Dude I’m nine And most nine-year-olds have high enough iq to not Fall for this I’m surprised fetuses would fall for this

  6. my aunt is addicted to gambling and this is disgusting. she is paycheck to paycheck and steals her daughters money and lies about when she gambles, jake and rice basically pushing that lifestyle on children is the worst shit, the smelliest shit ever.

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