Is there any place I will be able to legally wager in the USA at the subsequent President of america, (which can neither be Trump nor Biden)? : playing

I’ve checked out Betfair nevertheless it says you will have to be in NV or NJ for example…but when I am going to NV may just I nonetheless position of venture at the subsequent President?

It is a as soon as in an entire life alternative to make a ton of cash and I wish to get this wager in inside the subsequent couple of days. The Betfair TOS that I am studying say that I can’t be inside america, however then I see conflicting information about NV and NJ. The place can I am going to position a ~$1,000 wager and reliably know that I’ll receives a commission close to 1,000,000 greenbacks when I am proper? (Betfair odds display my selection close to 1,000/1.)

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