Is Buying and selling Playing?

In lately’s episode, you’ll uncover whether or not buying and selling is playing (and it isn’t what you assume).

So cross watch it presently…


The Final Information to Value Motion Buying and selling:

The Monster Information to Candlestick Patterns:


Professional Investors Edge:

Pullback Inventory Buying and selling Machine:

27 Replies to “Is Buying and selling Playing?”

  1. To Rayner Teo: At 1:23 minutes: BINGO! Thank you, Rayner. This is what I wanted to hear from a scholar and mentor like yourself. I had my notions that this was gambling; since it is a game of chance. I commend you. This is music to the ears of the moralists, urging them to be circumspect and cautious. This is why we view and glean the Biblical words of the disclaimer — and receive a virtual grilling by certain brokerages before signing up? No matter the technique nor system, emotionally docile and dulcet, win or lose — it is still gambling.

    There is never any guarantee, even if the rules are obeyed. One may often correctly cut losses, but can eventually get cut himself by the Chinese torture of a thousand paper cuts. Even certain correct applications of scripture will not always work, especially in the devil's world with his children.

  2. my first day of trading i deposited $100 dollar usd am made a profit of $650 just in one day, as a beginner. just happened like a movie.

  3. when you gamble its a 50/ 50 chance you earn money or not knowing the outcome. when you trade forex and not knowing what you are doing yes its gambling. when you know what you are doing its not Gambling. if we do not set a proper definition on what gambling is that means everything will become gambling e.g LIFE, OPENING A BUSINESS, SCHOOL, GETTING MARRIED, LEAVING your HOME not knowing if you are gonna come back. 🙂

  4. Started to watch your videos and I love them I immediately subscribed. There's actually so much on one topic I dont even know what to watch first!!

  5. Hey reyner sir,
    We want u to make a video on how to trade on trendline + support/resistance
    *many beginners including me has a question that while looking for chart pattern should we see it in trend or in a range?

  6. Casino gambling has no utility of the underlying product, its for entertainment purposes but people can make it in to a profession. Thats why sports betting, casinos are regulated by the gaming authorities where as trading is regulated by business authorities… these may seem like blurred lines but there is a difference and its important to people of Abrahamic (Muslims, Jews, Christians) religion.

  7. hey Rayner …tell me an investment also gambling for the long term in blue-chip high-quality stocks?
    well yes.. I also consider this point of view that without proper risk management and rules…all of a sudden…trading becomes GAMBLING….but….if somebody learns it as the professional then turns to the career….
    therefore.. first learn the rules then play the game or whatsoever well…BY "EINSTEIN:"

  8. The biggest thing that differentiates trading from gambling is the ability to stay in the sidelines. It’s like only playing poker when you have a royal flush. It’s also the similar in lots of ways but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you call it as long as it pays the bills.

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