Intervention: Assembly Gabe the Gambler (Season 14) | A&E

Jeff VanVonderen appears to be like again at his first intervention with compulsive gambler Gabe on this section from the “Intervention” retrospective “I Was once There”. #Intervention
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Season 14
Episode 1000
I Was once There

“Intervention” profiles other people whose addictions or different compulsive behaviors have introduced them to some extent of private disaster, and the chums and members of the family who come in combination to assist them.

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43 Replies to “Intervention: Assembly Gabe the Gambler (Season 14) | A&E”

  1. Gabe is autistic, Coming from someone who is on the spectrum. He has sensory issues, and with gambling, manipulation, lies, deceit, he didn't have to manufacture any excuses they just came naturally, and he thinks this is normal.

  2. I get that gambling can be addicting but I cant compare it drugs and alcohol as an addict myslef. No one has ever had DTs, seizures, or felt like their skin was crawling because of gambling. The physical addiction and the agony of withdrawal cannot be compared to a gambling addiction just my opinion.

  3. Gabe was a contestant on a game show called Greed but didn't win a penny due to one of his teammates challenging him to a Terminator match before the $500k question and he went home with nothing while the rest of his team won money. In this episode it said somewhere that he (ironically) gambled away approximately $500k over the course of six years! When you're in that vibrational energetic state of constantly gambling then losing you're stuck in that vicious no-win situation of never winning anything. That's most likely how he lost on Greed and never wins in gambling. Since I saw his Greed appearance first i thought his compulsive gambling was triggered from losing on that show. While people in these comments are making fun of him i'm probably in the minority but i feel really bad for that guy. I hope he got the help he clearly needed by now and is doing much better today.

  4. I can see autistic traits in him for sure….body language, quick temper,the way he talks.people and their comments about him on here are so uneducated, not trying to be rude, but they just don’t understand. I have a 15 year old son with autism .😌I can’t find the full episode though …bummer

  5. I don't understand gambling addiction, i mean at least drugs makes you feel something, but gambling? One time i lost 10 dollars and i cried dude

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