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Asia – Aqua (1992) Digitally Remastered 2005 – Full Album HQ

1. \"Aqua, Pt. 1\" (Downes, Howe, Payne)\n2. \"Who Will Stop the Rain?\" (Downes, Warman, Woolfenden)\n3. \"Back in Town\" (Downes, Payne)\n4. \"Love Under Fire\" (Downes, Greg Lake)\n5. \"Someday\" (Downes, Warman)\n6. \"Little Rich Boy\" (Downes, Payne)\n7. \"The Voice of Reason\" (Downes, Payne) \n8. \"Lay Down Your Arms\" (Downes, Greg Hart, Payne)\n9. \"Crime of the Heart\" (Downes, Warman)\n10. \"A Far Cry\" (Downes, Greg Hart, Mitchell, Payne)\n11. \"Don’t Call Me\" (Downes, Warman)\n12. \"Heaven on Earth\" (Andy Nye, Payne)\n13. \"Aqua, Pt. 2\" (Downes, Payne)\nBonus Tracks:\n14. \"Obsession\" (Payne, Rodford)\n15. \"Little Rich Boy (Live)\" (Downes, Payne)\n16. \"Love Under Fire (Live)\" (Downes, Greg Lake)\n\nTracks 15 \u0026 16 recorded November 10, 1992 at Town \u0026 Country, London, UK\n\nGeoffrey Downes – keyboards, backing vocals\nSteve Howe – guitar on 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 (Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Electric 12 String, Dobro)\nCarl Palmer – drums \u0026 percussion\nJohn Payne – bass, lead vocals, guitar, backing vocals\nAl Pitrelli – lead and rhythm guitars\n\nAdditional Musicians:\n\nSimon Phillips – drums\nNigel Glockler – drums\nAnt Glynne – guitar\nScott Gorham – guitar\nMats Johanson – guitar solo on \"Crime of the Heart\"\n\nLive Tracks:\nDrums: Trevor Thornton\nGuitar: Vinny Burns\n\nReleased June 8, 1992\nProduced by Geoff Downes for CZAR Records Ltd\nEngineered by Peter Craigie\nMixed by John Brand For The Really Original Group\nRecorded and Mixed at Advision Studios, Brighton, England 1991-1992\n\n\"Aqua Part 1\" Recorded at Brighton Beach\n\"Crime of the Heart\" Recorded at The New Vaudeville Theatre, Lonton\n\nDigitally Recorded and Mixed on Sony 3324’s\n\nSleeve Illustration by Rodney Matthews, (c) 1991\nAsia logo designed and painted by Roger Dean, (c) 1984\n\nRe-release layout: Thomas Ewerhard\nAdditional live photos: Mary Ann Burns\n\nDigitally Remastered by Peter van’t Riet:\n\n\"Taking Aqua to today’s standards, main concern was poor low-end and saturated mid area. Careful frequency-tweaking opened up the mids, while a vintage type bass enhancer and expander further improved body and dynamics respectively\" – Peter van’t Riet, May 2005

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