I WON over $30,000 at Exhausting Rock Tampa On line casino on Eureka Slot Device!!

There are restricted phrases to explain how insanely superior and uncommon this handpay jackpot is on Eureka Blast! In truth, that is the biggest Eureka Blast handpay …

31 Replies to “I WON over $30,000 at Exhausting Rock Tampa On line casino on Eureka Slot Device!!”

  1. Woooooooooow!!! Holy 💩 is right! I damn near cried tears of joy for you. Once again, a huge congratulations 🤙🏽 her excitement level was off the chain 😂

  2. That’s was beautiful chikita ! Like you, And who’s that guy with you ? Kick him out , take me Beautiful with you, Big hugs for you from Los Angeles California!!

  3. Wow what a great hit..love your channel and watching your videos…I did ask you guys if you ever played in AC b4 …I think you should try it….if you do try ocean…raja from big jackpot was there month ago…and they allowed him to video…again amazing win…

  4. good job for beating it and cant wait till u beat it again… i go to the hard rock in hollywood maybe ill see you around 🙂 grats again

  5. Hey Lady Luck, pretty sure I ran into a friend of yours at the Toledo Casino the other week. Forgot your name and care across this video, now I remember 😂 great wins though 🤞🏼👌🏼

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