I BET at EVERY SEAT of the Blackjack Desk! ($10,000+)

This is but every other INSANE video of me having a run on blackjack over on my circulation on twitch and deciding to consult with the Personal Salon Desk for the first actual time!

28 Replies to “I BET at EVERY SEAT of the Blackjack Desk! ($10,000+)”

  1. Enjoyed the video but my pet peeve is 100% when u skip the dealers card when u bust. Would be nice to see how the hand could've played out

  2. You just made the mistake every bad gambler makes. when you win 1/2 hands you raise your bets very reckless and lose all your winnings.

  3. I want to play in the salon prive and then proceed to tell the hot dealers to suck my nuts if I win or lose. If I lose I can vent, if I win they’ll see my money and be enticed. Can’t go wrong since you’re a big spender concierge will just take it

  4. Awesome video, i hate it when you cut away before I see the dealers hole cards though, I want to know whether you won or not ahah

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