HUGE WIN! My Largest Ever On Spin It Grand! 88 Fortunes Slot System Bonus!


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47 Replies to “HUGE WIN! My Largest Ever On Spin It Grand! 88 Fortunes Slot System Bonus!”

  1. I love 88 fortunes game. Only won one hand pay and it was the grand on 88 fortunes. For about 17.6k back in 2017.

  2. You can always tell it's a good win by the Sara happy song and dance. When is your cd coming out? Lol. Sara sings all your greatest hits. Ainsworth slots anthem #5, Konami coin show #2 in c sharp, lock it link jackpot anthem in b minor😂😂

  3. Pure happiness for you, Sarah! 😃 Watching you hit these nice payoffs is like watching a kid open a Christmas present to find her favorite toy! 🎁💝

  4. Awesome win, congratulations! I've never thought much of Spin-it-Grand, but I've seen a few people do well, and at least one Grand. So I'll have to try it again sometime

  5. Wow Im so excited when you win especially that massive wins because you are so happy and so are we thank you for also entertaining us LOL

  6. Is it true turning the volume all the way up you have a better chance of winning? I do it every time now since learning about it and it seems like I have better luck.

  7. Hahhaa i literally did the same thing first time I played this slot.. "stop stop stop stop!" I got the black value too at 600$ on a 5c denom. Congrats! (:

  8. CHA 👏🏻 CHING 👏🏻 IN 👏🏻 DEED!!! WOWZERS!!! That was DEFINITELY awesome! It makes me want to run around and flail with joy a la Kermit the Frog! YYYAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!! Congratulations on your stellar spin and stellar win!! 🎰🤑💰💰💰

    And ok, what is up with the fu babies? The minor jackpot baby is holding some wonky-a** deformed fish, and the mini kid is holding this freakish peach thing. Were the slot designers just like, “Hey, cool. We’ll give these kids the results of failed genetic experiments to play with. What could possibly go wrong?”?! 🤨

    Another wonderful video, as always! You never fail to brighten my day, no matter how sour work was or how much chihuahua pee ends up in a non-designated area or how many hairball projectiles were fired on the carpet for me to step in and unexpectedly discover. And for that, I thank you! 🎰♥️

  9. You are the most beautiful young lady on YouTube! Best wishes and super good fortune in your future. Great videos!

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