Huge Stake Roulette Consultation! Degen Craig! ££££££££

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28 Replies to “Huge Stake Roulette Consultation! Degen Craig! ££££££££”

  1. been a follower from the start but craig you seriously have a problem,even when you win you cant stop yet you keep promoting safe gambling but that is just rediculous.your not the smartest of gamblers to say the least but you are lucky at times.Your videos on normally great but this one was vile.i know you say you got a high paid job,but where do you go from here?? back to £2 £3 spins? good luck anyway !! question is why couldnt you just stop when 5k up??

  2. man nice video btw stop playng with mr green i win 35k pound and they refused to give me the money they was lyng with everything to keep me far to take the prize i have to give you all the proff stop playng there the best one in uk is paddypower i withdw 54k with no problem in 1 month

  3. That's a disgusting waste of money. Sorry.. but this is a ridiculously irresponsible thing to do.., especially in the times we're in where people are still suffering financially. I love your £2/3 stake slot videos but not this.

  4. Wow I don’t mind higher stakes but that was just ridiculous… Cash out every now and then, you lost nearly 10K man! Always going to lose playing like that.

  5. Just imagine if that was your own money Craig? Money you went to work for. Done time away from your family for? Would you spunk it like that? Or is it because its pretty much free and it comes from other peoples losses and addictions its so easy to just waste like that. Really hard to watch someone do that

  6. And this is why any youtube page that has any affiliation connected with it should be banned. Doesn't exactly help promote responsible gambling. Jimbo or Craig will probably delete the video at some point but I've already downloaded it and sent it off to the UKGC as proof to why affiliation is a bad thing for responsible gambling

  7. Ouch! Nearly to 10k and I bet that’s what was in your head!! Why I can’t play the wheel anymore, always one last spin which always turns to shit especially when buzzing from 6k wins etc! Unlucky mate!

  8. Thats my problem I find it hard to stop. Dam thats put me off thus weekend. So common for all gamblers. Well done Craig for uploading this. Reality bites man.

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