How wealthy is Batman? In DC’s new Batman #101, he’s solely broke.

It’s no secret that Batman’s been having some money float problems with past due. Contemporary occasions hinted that they’d change into everlasting.

How a lot used to be Batman price? Originally of DC Comics’ Joker Struggle crossover, the Joker stole all of Batman’s cash, with the villain’s price then estimated to be round $100 billion. And on the finish of Joker Struggle, Catwoman stole it again, however wound up giving it to Lucius Fox, CEO of Wayne Enterprises and confidant of Batman, who’s now were given a nest egg of “tens of billions” of greenbacks.

Now, because of Batman #101, we are aware of it for sure: It’s all long past. And Batman’s budget are bringing him a bit of extra all the way down to earth.

[Ed. note: This article contains spoilers for Batman #101.]

Batman and Catwoman swing through Gotham. “What are you going to do?” she asks. “I’m going to move into the city,” he answers, in Batman #101, DC Comics (2020).

Symbol: James Tynion IV, Guillem March/DC Comics

In Batman #101, Batman and Lucius Fox sat all the way down to hash all of that out. The base line: Batman has misplaced keep watch over of Wayne Enterprises, he’s shifting out of Wayne Manor, and if he wishes anyone to mend the Batmobile, he’s going to must do it himself.

It comes down to 2 issues: Govt oversight and company PR technique.

Within the strategy of stealing all of his cash, the Joker published to the arena that Bruce Wayne have been squirreling away lots and lots of Wayne Enterprises moolah in dummy firms and offshore accounts — as a result of he used to be booking it for strategic Batman functions. To make use of a technical time period, that appeared mega shady, however he couldn’t give an explanation for it to any individual as a result of, once more, he’s Batman.

That’s attracted the eyeballs of economic regulators, as Lucius explains. “I may give [the money] again to you, nevertheless it wouldn’t be adore it used to be sooner than. The federal government now has its eyes on you, Mr. Wayne. You’re going to want to account for each and every penny, and they’re going to no longer move simple on you. You may by no means be capable to use any of it to fund Batman once more.”

Lucius controlled to persuade the board of Wayne Enterprises that every one that shady cash stuff used to be a body process by means of the Joker, however he can’t exchange public sentiment. If Wayne Enterprises’ philanthropy arm — to not point out its massive and innovative city renewal plan — goes to stay going, it must divest itself from Bruce’s symbol.

“The Wayne Enterprises board has recommended taking out you out of your seat, paying you a beneficiant annual charge, and letting you fall from public eye whilst the corporate rebrands and reassesses,” Lucius says. He and Bruce may battle the elimination, however no longer with out giving up probably the most energy of that cash to make actual exchange.

“By way of disassociating from me,” Bruce is of the same opinion, “it might nonetheless imply one thing.” And any time you’re speaking concerning the Wayne fortune, the “it” isn’t almost about cash, however about his oldsters’ title and the way forward for their legacy.

Get able for a special Batman

“Without the money you’ll be under far less scrutiny,” says Lucius Fox, “and you will be able to continue to operate as Batman. But it will have to be a leaner Batman. No more rocket shops or satellites or sophisticated AI drones that know how you’re going to get punched before you do. You won’t be able to print high-tech batmobiles off an industrial printer beneath Wayne Enterprises.” He smiles, “If you break a car, you’ll need to fix it yourself.” in Batman #101, DC Comics (2020).

Lucius explains that it’s no longer all unhealthy.
Symbol: James Tynion IV, Guillem March/DC Comics

As I stated again when James Tynion IV and the remainder of the present Batman workforce offered the concept Bruce Wayne may well be shedding a bit of his internet price, Batman’s functionally countless reserves of money have change into a story crutch.

The hero’s never-ending fortune doesn’t simply invite questions on his civic tasks, it’s additionally come to serve as as a deus ex capitalism, handwaving any degree of belongings destruction and excusing any expose of a brand new gizmo or car.

Batman’s cash lets in writers to turn into him right into a grim model of Silver Age Superman, who may trip backwards in time by means of unintentionally flying too rapid. And whilst that can be a practical depiction of the facility of a multibillion buck fortune, it’s no longer in particular excellent for developing top stakes comics.

Casting off Batman’s cash — save for a “beneficiant annual charge” this is nearly without a doubt going to be commensurate along with your reasonable American CEO’s take house pay — has the possible to revitalize him in the similar method that disposing of Clark Kent’s secret id did for Superman.

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