How To Play Blackjack

– Learn to play blackjack with this detailed video on easy methods to play blackjack, from the cardboard values, to the making a bet choices and payouts. The entirety you wish to have to discover ways to play a cast sport of blackjack.

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38 Replies to “How To Play Blackjack”

  1. This has to be my favorite game at the casino. The rules are simple enough, but you can try out different strategies. I like sitting at the tables with my friends.

  2. My friends forced me to play black jack. I never knew the game before, we all bet around $10 so the pot was $50. My first try I got a tie(?) with mutual friend, I was at 17. The dealer asked if I wanted him to hit me or stand. I said hit me, my friends called me an idiot for saying "hit me", I got a 4 and they all were freaking out. Honestly, I had no idea what happened… lmao… Thanks for the tutorial, now I understand.

  3. How to Play Black Jack:

    1. Bring in 500.
    2. Play 5,5,15,30,60,125,250.
    3. If Lose, bring in more money.
    4. Play for about 1 Hour.
    5. Before you leave wait for a 3 in a row.

  4. "Do you want to learn how to play Blackjack?" No… I looked up "How to play Blackjack" and clicked on this video because I wanted to learn card tricks.

  5. I have a question:

    if you have a total of 21 points with 3 cards and the dealer has 21 points with 4 cards, is it a tie or does the person with the fewest/most cards win?

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