How Playing Just about Destroyed This School Professor’s Existence | Megyn Kelly TODAY

After turning into a mom in her teenagers, Sandra Adell become a outstanding professor – however a travel to a on line casino just about derailed her lifestyles. Joined via dependancy specialist Nancy Irwin, she tells Megyn Kelly TODAY about her addictions and restoration, as recounted in her e-book, “Confessions of a Slot System Queen.”

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How Playing Just about Destroyed This School Professor’s Existence | Megyn Kelly TODAY

21 Replies to “How Playing Just about Destroyed This School Professor’s Existence | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  1. I'm struggling today with this. I feel like crap and dont want to live. That's how bad and let down I feel. It's my fault for being so stupid and knowing that I need to stop but it keeps happening. 😔😔😔

  2. my addiction is the blackjack tables. i am trying to quit. you win then lose lose again then win and get hooked back just to lose it and lose more again. i am done with it. i know this sick feeling well.

  3. How can anyone hear what she is saying with the background music so loud? We need to hear the dialogue. I gave up trying to hear what she was saying after 2 minutes

  4. Fortunately, l have received a spiritual education which help me to stay away from the love of money. We don't play any lotto.

  5. So….shes' an addict for going to a casino but what about the millions of students that borrow a $100K to get a useless liberal arts degree. Thats the dumbest gamble ever!!! Blackjack and poker are two casino games that are beatable. Blackjack players that can count cards can make a lot of money and so can poker players that can read people and study hard at the game. This woman is an alcoholic and a slot machine addict.

  6. I gamble too. Something one old guy told me there. That also worked at casino is let it doesn't metter how much u lost, forget about it. U should think about how much more u will lose

  7. Lost 1000 other day in an hour machines here in Australia don't pay anymore it's all about taking but that's the risk I took got no enjoyment what's so ever boring these days I would no Condon gambling U have to have thick skin and cope it mostly bad . It's andrelanen rush mixed with taking those useless risks sometimes it's not evenvabout the money it's keep gambling ,,the hardest is when U do win to pick up your bag and run as fast as U can

  8. Drinking and driving drunk and we're supposed to feel sorry for you. are you serious why don't you tell that to all the people whose lives were destroyed or murdered by drunk drivers.

  9. Watch that big win when u first start it reprograms the brain to crave gambling you will lose everything and lead a terrible life. Gambling is a Brain disorder a chronic relapsing disease of the brain. Heartwrenching disorder

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