How Playing Collection Create the Best possible Antagonists

Y’understand how I stated final video that it will be some time till my subsequent one? Smartly that became out to be a blatant lie. All of sudden were given in reality impressed to make this and as soon as …

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  1. Ever since I go in 2 anime & especially kaiji/fkmt I’ve been seeing antagonist being written in different ways which doesn’t involve a tragic backstory or a relatable MO & I love it! Not saying u can’t wright antagonist that way, but it does show in the western story telling like DC/Marvel etc people r so use to seeing villains being tragic/relatable that when villain are written in the way u said in the video or as i’ve heard someone else say writing an antagonist with out compromising there negative moral compass they will write that of as one note or “EVIL”😞 which is y I’m glad u did this vid & the fact that u did a vid on Usogui which is fucking underrated I love it!!! Hope what I said made sense
    Got a new sub❤️
    Also Muraoka is my fav kaiji antagonist in the series followed buy Endo
    & other characters that have similar writing
    Diovulo/Kira from jojo’s
    Goro Majima from yakuza
    Garou from one punch man

  2. hey psychic great vid keep up the good work, have you heard of manga knights of sidonia and if so what's you opinion on it.

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