How One Guy Is Solving The SNES’ Greatest Weak point

SNES© Nintendo Lifestyles

The SNES is a mythical console, of that there can also be completely indubitably. Then again, it did have one substantial weak spot when in comparison to its primary rival, the Sega Mega Power / Genesis: the clock velocity of its CPU.

The Ricoh 5A22 which powers the console runs at 3.58 MHz, whilst Sega’s 16-bit device has a Motorola 68000 operating at 7.6 MHz (even the 8-bit TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine has a sooner CPU than the SNES, with its customized Hudson Comfortable HuC6280 CPU operating at 7.6 MHz).

The result of this? Many early SNES identify showcase crippling ranges of slowdown for the reason that CPU merely can not stay alongside of the on-screen motion. Nintendo handled this shortcoming by means of introducing chips which may well be incorporated in cartridges to take one of the vital processing duties clear of the console’s CPU, certainly one of which used to be the SA-1 chip, sometimes called the “Tremendous Accelerator 1”. This chip comprises its personal processor which runs at 10.74 MHz and boasts different enhancements equivalent to sooner RAM and reminiscence mapping functions.

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