Highest Of 2020: Nintendo Console Codenames And Product Codes

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Over the vacation season we’re going to be republishing a chain of Nintendo Existence articles, interviews and different options from the former 12 months that we imagine to be our Highest of 2020. Expectantly, this offers you a possibility to compensate for items you ignored, or just experience having a look again on a 12 months which did have some highlights — truthful!

This option used to be at first revealed in Might 2020.

For those who occur to have any respectable Nintendo console or peripheral handy, flip it over and hidden within the legalese and details at the underside you’ll be able to discover a code which usually starts with 3 letters. Turn over your Transfer, as an example, and you’ll be able to in finding the code HAC-001, with an additional (-01) if you have got the revised type with the simpler battery existence.

Those product codes were a part of Nintendo’s {hardware} because the starting and you’ll be able to in finding them on each and every unmarried Nintendo-made, cartridge, disc, accent and peripheral. Slide the left Pleasure-Con off your Transfer and you’ll be able to see its HAC-015 designation at the again (the proper one is HAC-016); the Pleasure-Con grip that incorporates the console is HAC-011; the Professional Controller HAC-013; Transfer sport carts are HAC-008; the Ring-Con HAC-022; the velcro Pleasure-Con wrap thingy HAC-023

However past internally cataloguing each and every peripheral below a console’s umbrella, do those designations have any that means? Nowadays we are going to take a excursion of all Nintendo’s console {hardware} product codes and take a look at the place they arrive from. A few of their origins are well known (or evident), whilst others are recognized solely to the Nintendo engineers who named them.

We knew many of the codes underneath already, however the ones we did not required checking the again of our personal consoles, or heading to the Maru-Chang webpage for among the extra difficult to understand ones.

We start with the trusty Nintendo Leisure Machine, or Famicom in Japan…

Famicom (HVC) / NES (NES)

Famicom 3D System Nintendo LifeNintendo Existence

In Nintendo’s place of origin the Famicom and its equipment carried the designation HVC, or ‘House Video Laptop’. The primary console unit is all the time ‘-001’ and the AC adaptor is usually ‘-002’, with controllers coming after that. The Famicom’s controllers had been attached to the bottom console, even though, so they did not get a separate code. The RF transfer did, even though (HVC-003), as did the Famicom 3-D Machine pictured above, and an entire lot extra.

Within the West, the Nintendo Leisure Machine were given Nintendo’s maximum clear of product codes: NES. Notable peripherals incorporated the principle keep watch over pad (NES-004), the Zapper (NES-005) and, in fact, the Cleansing Package (NES-030).

Recreation Boy (DMG) / Recreation Boy Pocket (MGB) / Recreation Boy Colour (CGB)

Possibly probably the most well-known of Nintendo’s product codes, the unique Recreation Boy has come to be usually referred to as the DMG(-01) with a view to differentiate it from a bunch of {hardware} variants that adopted. DMG stands for Dot Matrix Recreation and references the device’s show.

The Recreation Boy Pocket carried the product code MGB-001, with ‘Mini Recreation Boy’ being the perhaps rationalization given the fad of the remainder of the Recreation Boy console circle of relatives. The Recreation Boy Gentle (a Japan-only backlit model of the {hardware}) used to be designated MGB-101 in step with a number of different console redesigns (such because the NES-101 / HVC-101).

The Recreation Boy Colour were given the CGB product code… as it used to be a Colour Recreation Boy.

Tremendous Famicom (SHVC) / Tremendous NES (SNS/SNSP)

SHVC 001 Super Famicom Nintendo LifeNintendo Existence

In Japan the Tremendous Famicom adopted on logically from its predecessor and used to be known because the SHVC-001, or the ‘Tremendous House Video Laptop’. Issues modified for the North American liberate the place it turned into the SNS-001 (Tremendous Nintendo Machine), and in Europe it used to be the SNSP-001 (the ‘P’ most probably stands for ‘PAL’). Controllers had been -005 and Recreation Paks (or cartridges to everybody apart from Nintendo) had been -006.

Digital Boy (VUE)

VUE 006 Virtual Boy Nintendo LifeNintendo Existence

The Digital Boy (VUE-001) introduced fairly a go back and forth if its product code is to be believed; a ‘Digital Utopia Revel in’, it appears. For my part, we’d have long past for the extra correct ‘MIN-001’ – Migraine-Inducing Nightmare, even supposing the Tamagotchi-style Pokémon Mini console used that product code. Be at liberty to go away your individual tips within the feedback, even though.

Recreation Boy Advance (AGB) / Recreation Boy Advance SP (AGS) / Recreation Boy Micro (OXY)

Following swimsuit with the MGB and the CGB, the Recreation Boy Advance used to be labelled the AGB-001, or ‘Complex Recreation Boy’. Different vital peripherals incorporated the great ol’ AGB-005 (the GBA hyperlink cable) and the even-sexier AGB-015 (the Wi-fi Adaptor).

The up to date clamshell Recreation Boy Advance SP were given a completely other code: AGS – Complex Recreation Boy Particular, possibly? Whilst we will be able to make sense of that product code with an informed bet, the origins of the Recreation Boy Micro’s OXY-001 code is not as simple to divine. Possibly it refers back to the oxytocin launched via our pituitary gland each and every time we gaze upon that console’s minuscule elegance? To the common grownup, the Micro is crippling to play for any period of time, however my phrase is it a beautiful little morsel.

Nintendo 64 (NUS)

The trusty NUS-005. We don't care what you think - we like it!
The trusty NUS-005. We do not care what you assume – we love it! (Symbol: Nintendo Existence)

The Nintendo 64 used to be at first to be known as the Extremely 64 (Extremely is healthier than Tremendous, natch), even supposing Nintendo determined towards that slightly past due into the console’s building. It used to be codenamed Venture Truth whilst Nintendo and Silicon Graphics, Inc had been operating on it, however the product code at the ultimate {hardware} mirrored the console’s unique identify: NUS (the Nintendo Extremely Sixty-four).

Different notable peripherals (and the N64 had numerous ‘Paks’) come with the Rumble Pak (NUS-013), the Enlargement Pak (NUS-007), the Switch Pak (NUS-019) and that necessary little instrument, the Jumper Pak Ejector (NUS-012).

Where would we be without this little chap? Raiding the cutlery draw, that's where.
The place would we be with out this little chap? Raiding the cutlery draw, that is the place. (Symbol: Nintendo Existence)

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