HIGH LIMIT Lightning Hyperlink Sahara Gold HANDPAY JACKPOT ⚡️$50 & $15 Bonus Rounds Slot Gadget On line casino

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39 Replies to “HIGH LIMIT Lightning Hyperlink Sahara Gold HANDPAY JACKPOT ⚡️$50 & $15 Bonus Rounds Slot Gadget On line casino”

  1. Did you just……break the 6/25 streak?…….🤣 unreal how often that one shows up. It's like NG's mini jackpots. Solid session, hoping for a huge win next time

  2. Very stressful session I see. But Congratulations on your Handpay though. I will always Love your excitement and videos! 😲😉😎

  3. Hi (no pressure)Julie and (gold finger)Ken.😁 Hey M&G. That was a bag of liquorish all sorts. Great content and to see yous having a good time. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your evening.👍😊💓

  4. Sahara Gold – approx
    37 spins till bonus on $1 at $50 for $430(8.6x) plus 21 out (finished – $491)

    2nd session Sahara Gold – approx
    10 spins till bonus on $ .10 at $15 for $1210.80(80.7x) plus 50 out (finished + $216)

    Sorry for the redundancy. Thank you for sharing..

  5. it sucks that you struggle to get a bonus early. It always seem it takes 20+ spins. Bright side its always higher denominations when you hit the bonus

  6. Thanks for the video, m&g, have a great rest of your day. I know you’ll make up for the loss, if you haven’t already. As always take care, stay safe, and be well 🙏🌈💙💚 ~YoEleven

  7. That was fun again having both Gretchen’s video in the morning and Marks video in the afternoon. Thanks and congrats on your hand pay 😊💰🥳❤️🍀🍀🍀

  8. Girls in the morning , the men in the afternoon, but will the machines run better in the late evening. However the 2 session was better , it was better , if the question is , was the session good?? Was this acceptabel ? 🧐🥴😯 1210$💰💰 its a small part of it. Every price is a price big or small . Happy to see a bonus . The hammer in the bonus! Boommmmm for the next wicked video session by M❤️G ! However we will support you mark and gretchen. A New week , new possibility’s to win ! 🙏🏻👍🏽👊🏼🍀

  9. Nice session! While playing Golden Century, I took your advice on after getting a hit. I decreased the denomination and then back up. It works big time! I started with a little less than 100.00 and ended up leaving with just a little over 500.00! Thank you guys!!!


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