HIGH LIMIT Greenback Typhoon Ninja Moon HANDPAY JACKPOT ⚡️$25 Bonus Spherical Slot System On line casino

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39 Replies to “HIGH LIMIT Greenback Typhoon Ninja Moon HANDPAY JACKPOT ⚡️$25 Bonus Spherical Slot System On line casino”

  1. Hi MG, Goodjob on your new day to day slots machine posting and I enjoyed it. What is your personal opinion of stopping the play button? I know, machine have RNG but kinda curious too if pressing quick stop the play button works. TY.

  2. That was an awesome jackpot, Mark. Really digging Dollar Storm. Seems like you have a lot of fans from Australia 🇦🇺. Have you ever been? I've always wanted to go.

  3. Loved the session on my favorite Dollar Storm 🎊Congratulations on the hand pay. 🎉🎉 Have a good night will see Gretchen tomorrow ☺️

  4. Awesome comeback Guys! Mark, thought FOR SURE you would drop down to 10 cent after the Bonus. LOL yes I pay attention! Congrats!!!

  5. Here's a strategy this old gal uses..each time you are up your original bet, take out your tito and start again with cash. Try it. You will be surprised.

  6. Wow! That one pay line in the bonus round put you in the moolah! That was an awesome hit! Congratulations M&G By the way…there is nothing worse than being moon blocked!🌚🍀🍀

  7. This is my first comment. I enjoy your calm and soothing voice when you play. You sound humble and down to earth personality because you never curse and take your wins and loses

  8. Wow..Now I fully understand why those Japanese Men in Black do not use the hammer as their weapon of choice…or maybe its their secrecy that plays a part..Next time I will try using my hammer in the dark..just have to hope that damn hammer don't end up falling on my own toes..lol

  9. Except… on the $1 denom it would be much much much easier to hit the major as it's only 20x your bet. On the $5 level, it's 200x time your bet (assuming $5000 reset). So relatively speaking, it is 10X harder to hit the major on the $5 denomination. Hence the reason the major is so hard to land on the $5 level. Love your videos!

  10. Love watching the dynamic duo play!! Your self control and discipline when playing is what you always come out on top! Setting limits is so important and you don’t give back your winnings! Have a great Saturday 😘

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