Hen Police – Paint it RED! Evaluate (Transfer eShop)

Chickens know issues. It is evident. They have got that glance of their eye, the fairly disdainful squint of any individual who is aware of what you probably did and why you probably did it. They might be highest detectives, if no longer for the small impediment in their lack of ability to keep in touch in any significant means. Fortunately, builders The Wild Gents noticed the possibility of a poultry P.I. and feature introduced us the tremendously-named Hen Police – Paint it RED!, a visible novel with journey sport parts that places the noble gallus gallus on the very most sensible of the pecking order.

Going down in a noir-infused international of human-sized animals (no longer totally not like the hit “depressed horse” Netflix collection Bojack Horseman), it is a brilliantly-written and joyously wealthy piece of narrative gaming, trafficking in hard-edged detective noir tropes however with a marvellous sense of humour, robust characters and a grand sense of position. It is a very spectacular feat to understand a global like Clawville with handiest mostly-static and in large part monochromatic imagery, voices and tune, however the filth, filth and scuzz has such verisimilitude that you will want to put your Transfer in the course of the dishwasher after a Hen Police consultation. (Vital: Nintendo Lifestyles does no longer recommend striking your Transfer in the course of the dishwasher)

Taking nominal keep an eye on of Santino “Sonny” Featherland, it might be spoiler territory to explain the type of case you’ll be able to be fixing, however relaxation confident you’ll be able to be encountering cussed dames, a shaky dating with a former spouse, an obstructive leader of police and a lot of sleazy dirtbag informants. It is all very acquainted however delivered so smartly that you simply get stuck up within the tapestry of all of it, due to the aforementioned robust writing.

And it is robust, compelling fiction from the very get started, enhanced by way of some in truth excellent voice performing. We would have liked to hear each and every phrase, and fortunately there may be an autoplay choice that allows you to concentrate to the discussion play out at its meant tempo, however this ends up in a gorgeous obvious gripe; in maximum visible novel or text-heavy video games with this sort of “speaking head” supply, hitting the A (or identical “advance textual content”) button will skip to the tip of the present discussion and depart it at the display for the participant to learn at their very own velocity.

Right here, even though, urgent A skips the these days displayed discussion totally, transferring directly to the following portion of the dialog or description. This can be a little irritating, particularly if you’re a quick reader, however we suspect that is to inspire the participant to hear the discussion as we have now described. There is a replay characteristic in the event you leave out a line or two, but it surely skips you to the start of the dialog fairly than simply the former step. Definitely a Danganronpa-style textual content log would had been a extra smart choice, right here?

Whilst we are moaning, we discovered that one of the crucial in-game textual content (on posters and the like, in addition to within the UI) was once principally unreadable in hand-held mode, being that it was once ludicrously small. That is in reality choosing nits, even though, as a result of you’ll be able to spotlight and choose the textual content along with your cursor to learn it; we really feel love it’s rather less immersive this manner, however the capability is there and it is challenging to argue it is any more or less significant drawback.

However sufficient complaining – Hen Police is a wonderful sport, one this is adapted splendidly for the Transfer’s hand-held mode, operating on the locked-down 60fps you would be expecting whilst nonetheless holding impressively atmospheric visuals. You are principally only a cursor, however the interface may be very spectacular – deciding on a personality brings up one thing of a radial menu, however simply calls for you to carry the left analogue stick on your selected path with the intention to begin your subsequent transfer (analyzing the perp, chatting with the perp, or wondering the perp). It is all very intuitive, simple to seize and melts away into the background as you get wrapped up within the thriller.

As for the problem, there is no such thing as a lot, however it is all concerning the tale right here. Maximum of your time is spent hopping across the map, making connections and collecting data, all of which can be a pleasure corresponding to the investigation sections of Ace Lawyer. There is a taking pictures gallery mini-game that is a temporary distraction, however largely it is all about that interpersonal interplay. You’ll interrogate suspects and be graded to your efficiency, however this might theoretically be irritating as it is very hardly ever transparent what the most efficient means is. The tale will continue at any charge, however those that want “100% crowning glory”, as nebulous as that idea may also be, could also be pissed off by way of the perceived randomness of those segments. The remainder of us will drift and play as meant – taking issues slowly and in moderation, and digging into the placement with uncooked intuition.

The worldbuilding and lore are brilliantly realised, and darker than we anticipated in puts, with overt takes on racism, slavery and outright cannibalism rearing their heads. That is no morality play, on the other hand – those heavy topics have compatibility into the Basin Town-esque surroundings so naturally that they’re going to simply draw you in additional. Regardless of the animal theme, that is very a lot no longer a sport for youngsters. Foul (or will have to that be chicken?) language, nudity and a touch of the claret abound, growing an immersive sense of unease because the case takes form.


A particularly spectacular first sport from The Wild Gents, Hen Police – Paint it RED! is among the best possible journey video games now we have performed in an extended, lengthy time and one hell of an soaking up story. It appears and runs nice at the Transfer, with handiest a few in reality minuscule interface problems which can be simply not noted. At kind of 8 or 9 hours, the tale is unusually long for its style, however we have been by no means bored and sought after to analyze each and every little factor simply to wring out extra treasured droplets of banter and fascination. Hen Police is a refined, fascinating enjoy and we are very excited for no matter’s coming subsequent from this group. It is only a disgrace it is so just right, or we will have stated it “laid an egg”, and that might have tied in properly with the entire rooster factor. As an alternative, this assessment is simply going to, smartly, finish. Now. That is it. It is completed. No last rooster shaggy dog story.

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