Hearts of Iron four Nation Roulette is Good

Lately for the first actual time I will be attempting Hearts of Iron four Nation Roulette, it is good. A laugh and irritating on the identical time! Made well-known via iSorrowproductions: …

46 Replies to “Hearts of Iron four Nation Roulette is Good”

  1. he's not a boy anymore, he's a man now and doesn't care anymore about other opinions, next step, heading straight towards boomer Alex !!

  2. I honestly think it would be better if you didn’t release so many countries. They were useless and you ended up switching from them anyway. No hate, just criticism. Thought the same thing with ISP’s video

  3. Some say that it’s very hard to truly understand the human mind but there will always be something more difficult to understand and that is….

    The mind of a rambler

  4. Me in half-sleeping mode: Oh, a county roulette of ISP… Oh, he even says Alex' name? Haha propably a funny joke

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