Hassan Campbell is Playing For Perspectives? He Might Be In Custody

Hassan Campbell is Playing For Perspectives? He Might Be In Custody

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11 Replies to “Hassan Campbell is Playing For Perspectives? He Might Be In Custody”

  1. He talked so bad about his mother to the point where he has to reap what he sowed. You should always honor thy mother and thy father.

  2. He appeared to be drunk. So maybe he was threatening his wife and she pulled the gun on him. And he took the gun from her

  3. And he is a convicted felon he is not supposed to even be around guns much less own a gun. They will run prints on the gun and if his fingerprints besides the cops that are the only ones on the gun hassan in deep trouble. Praying for the brother

  4. I've been watching hassan for a couple years now I can't believe dude went all out like he did today and almost got himself killed. If somebody planted a gun in your yard for one thing I would never put my fingerprints on it or touch it much less bring it in the house take the clip in and out pose with it on YouTube for the world to see. Hassan made a bad move today let's hope it don't cost him more trouble.

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