Harvest Moon And Tale Of Seasons Fight It Out For Cutest Pre-Order Plush

Chicken Vs Buffalo

Ever since Harvest Moon and Tale of Seasons had their large schism, the query has been: which one is the great one? You might want to determine the solution the old fashioned method, via studying critiques and making an informed research of normal opinion, however we all know that isn’t how one can make choices. The one honest judgement that may be made is “which pre-order plush is cuter”?

It is principally a modern day Judgement of Paris: whichever one we make a choice is prone to get started a conflict both method.

Within the crimson nook, we’ve got Harvest Moon: One Global’s rooster plush, with its realistically creepy eyes, and the type of rotund frame that may make a sumo wrestler jealous. Simply in case it guidelines the scales of their favour, Harvest Moon additionally gives a “Magnetic Musical Diorama Set”, that includes song from the sport and tiny portable characters. (In case plushes and magnetic issues are not your jam, there is additionally the opposite Harvest Moon: One Global pre-order package deal, that includes some very lovable lapel pins.)

Chicken vs Buffalo

Within the blue nook, Tale of Seasons’ “Buffy the Buffalo”, whose snout is set the similar dimension as the remainder of them, resulting in questions of physics and biology that we are simply no longer certified to respond to. There is no magical musical the rest over right here, however XSEED’s site does point out a material poster of the important thing representation as an additional pre-order bonus.

So, which plush is cuter? Or will have to we in reality be judging those video games extra seriously at the best factor that really issues: which marriage candidate is cuter? …We might want extra analysis time.

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