HARSTEM vs THE WORLD!!! | Rank Roulette

It is time for the primary part of Harstem towards the arena! The Rank Roulette sub-series wherein YOU can beat the most productive and maximum love starcraft figures of the 21st …

46 Replies to “HARSTEM vs THE WORLD!!! | Rank Roulette”

  1. Kind of tough to guess people's rank if they are between diamond and plat. They make a lot of similar mistakes up until diamond 1.

  2. Good luck with the Mental Victory dude, that seems to be the correct way to say it. After 2020 renamed Trump Victory, for mental people only.

  3. This might be one of those statistical situations where taking the median is better – to keep outliers from having undue influence

  4. Hey Harstem! I thought there would be a table with a results for each participant. it would be great if you do it like that, cause the results might be really interesting! so i hope you will implement that in the next season. If you have trouble with dealing with all of that data that comes in and forming a table for it, i can write a program for you (im an intermediate programmer). If interested, contact me on telegram @Tktu7, or on discord [email protected]

  5. As a mathematician I would advise to use the median next time and not the mean. I think it is better in showing we're the community stands.

  6. The wisdom of the crowd is real. I wonder what the average mistake of the crowd was. Averaging the votes leads to less mistakes, because the bias of everyone cancels out.

  7. Medic: You seem to have a serious medical condition, we're going to take you to the experts.
    Patient: Which hospital am I going to?
    Medic: Hospital? No, no, no, we're going to the youtube comment section.

  8. New challenge for bgmwss: There are 2 resources??? Beat your opponent without mining any gas or building any gas extractors. You can take extra bases, and obviously attack with probes or zealots, but all gas related things are off the table. Best of luck, captain.

  9. I guessed low on the first 2 on purpose… ye on purpose to counter-act the people who guessed high… 10/10 didn't just fuck up…

  10. @Harstem you should take the median of the community guesses because the average does not properly display what is truly displayed by the data.

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