HANDPAY JACKPOT On Top Restrict Huff N Puff Lock It Hyperlink Slot System | SE-3 | EP-16

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27 Replies to “HANDPAY JACKPOT On Top Restrict Huff N Puff Lock It Hyperlink Slot System | SE-3 | EP-16”

  1. Awesome huff n puff handpay, NG. Should have been much bigger to get your money back but you'll get it next time🔥🔥🔥

  2. If anybody knows the right machines to play NG, they would be BILLIONAIRE by now. The reality is, nobody knows and we all lose playing slot machines. Important thing is have fun and play with a budget. That's why I appreciate your videos NG, the best slot videos on YouTube!! 👍👍👍👍👍

  3. This Huff and Puff machine is the ugliest. Play some older machines, preferably the ones with multiple spins like the Mayan Chief, China mystery, China shores, etc. Do not bet more than 5 dollars. Don't you realize that they have tightened the machines to death. Why throw your money away?

  4. Thanks NG! I'm getting so disgusted with these casinos though! They're not letting anyone win—or even play much. I noticed when in Vegas in July that the slots would go so far and then boom-done. I know it's the house that needs to win but it's disappointing when you just want to play some!!! GOOD LUCK NG!

  5. When I play huff and puff in the virtual casino, it doesn’t pay either. Wishing you great good health and wealth. Have a super winning week. Thank you for the video. 💵💰🍀💵💰🍀💵💰🍀💵💰🍀💵💰🍀💵💰🍀💵💰🍀💵💰🏦

  6. I went to Ohio play $3,000 all $10 bets never got one bonus Detroit casinos opened up I got four different majors on four different machines in about 2 hours and lots of big line hits some casinos are keeping all the money pay their bills

  7. That casino is ripping you off you don't get any line hits worth anything when you were in Vegas you were doing much better I would save my money and take a trip

  8. Good job NG! Even though i know you hate leaving after the bonus, you could tell that was the best you were going to do on that machine so good time to leave. I'd rather watch you for 10 minutes and see you leave with something than watch you for 20 mins and leave with nothing.

  9. That stingy wolf was at it again 😡 Sorry for the loss Bud but at least you got that last bonus so it wasn't a total shutout! Thanks for posting and have a great end of your weekend Narek! 🍀~m&g

  10. Hi mr NG l come back from work l got your message l leaned lots from u video anytime l go casino lost all the money l got money ATM again lost all my money 15 years l love casino just like you last week l play just like you l don’t lost all my money l take $3k lost only 1700 me and my husband together so we play so much l Wes happy we have not lost all my money thank you NG l watch u video thats why Wish u luck always from Texas 👍🤞🤞🙏

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