GW2 – Gold Playing with Minis and the Mystic Forge | JessTheStardustCharr

Playing 160 Gold in Guild Wars 2 the use of Minis and the Mystic Forge! Checking out some new tactics to win/unfastened gold! ^^
Hope you experience! 😀

Ingame: Justin.3872
Primary Char: Jessdog



Tune: Whitesand (Martynas Lau) – Your Voice
Tune equipped via: MFY – No Copyright


The superb Profile Image is drawn via Aivvie! :3

The beautiful drawing of my Charr within the intro is made via Cafnir! 😀

The superior Banner and Chatcover is made via Drussair!
Ingame: Drussair.2370
Discord: Drussair # 2546

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  1. Man, why is it so rare to release an ideo? because vidyuhi really worthwhile) especially for the audience gw2!)))))))))

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