Guy killed via safety at South Level Lodge-On line casino

LVMPD is investigating a murder within the valet space of the South Level Lodge and On line casino.

21 Replies to “Guy killed via safety at South Level Lodge-On line casino”

  1. What a waste of bullets!
    Target practice y'all, only takes one bullet to kill but it won't be pretty for an open casket.

  2. I’m not being prejudice here but ever since the Raiders started their first season here for only 3 weeks and there already been 6 shooting and 1 stabbing at the casino. Does anybody feel the same way?

  3. This Covid thing is making everyone edgy. Arguments are settled by pulling out guns instead of talking things over. He was probably mad because he got tossed out of the casino. Too much craziness like this is all over the US. Vegas is not unique.

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