GTA V On-line – The Final On line casino Playing Information – How To WIN MORE MONEY

On this information, I can discuss each and every unmarried sport within the Diamond On line casino in Grand Robbery Auto five On-line, and display you ways you’ll win more cash, taking part in mentioned …

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  1. a better betting strategy is a progressive winning system, this way you capitalize on win streaks. Basically you bet around x1.5 more each time you play except for your second hand, where you keep the same bet as your first one. Example, 20, 20, 30, 45, 67. even if you lose at the end, you still profit. When you lose, go back down to your beginning bet.

  2. …and he has conveniently forgotten to add or removed the basic strategy chart from his description. Thanks for nothing.

  3. I just did the math, and realistically, until you got access to the high limit tables you wont have any significant change playing blackjack. at least playing with the chart, 1k start bet with doubling on loss gives you an average of – 30 and starting at 500 an average of – 10… well i didnt know the chances of a blackjack so its probably closer to 0 in reality.

    i suppose the problem is that you are limited by the table limit and when doubling a bet on loss you can only ever win the initial bet unless you hit a blackjack.

    i guess i was hoping for more since i just started playing and a complete heist takes me usually around 3 hours or more with waiting for players, dc's, trolls ect.

  4. Feh.. lost morem oney following that chart than it was worth. Won WAY more doing it my own way.
    /7Edit: I LITERALLY did not win one goddamn game following the chart. Not ONE! And i have been doing that for 15 minutes.

  5. I got so much cash but my base game apartment took all the money I have in my account and my bank account from Me for the utility bill and now I have zero JK XD

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