GTA San Andreas Weapon Roulette Speedrun – CJ's Weapon Assists in keeping Converting!

This playthrough of Grand Robbery Auto: San Andreas used to be executed with the Weapon Roulette impact from the GTA:SA Chaos Mod lively all of the time. As a result of this …

45 Replies to “GTA San Andreas Weapon Roulette Speedrun – CJ's Weapon Assists in keeping Converting!”

  1. Next time if you want to do another weapon roulette run, remember to watch K3vin minimal kills run, it will help a lot.

  2. You should post the entire stream as a unlisted video in the description because I like watching your streams in there entirety

  3. Can we get a Beyblade Any% Run? I think it's the best Chaos Mod effect, and it would be funny as hell watching you struggle with all those cars spinning around

  4. Honestly @Hugo… Just save the Time and upload the unedited Footage. Maybe I am the only one, maybe the "edited" Videos get more Traffic/ Watchtime/ Interaction: then its ok. If not, just keep it as you had it before. I watched so many 16+hrs Speedruns of yours and I really like the Stuff inbetween each Mission. Maybe its more "Action" to have only the Scenes, where a Mod really affects the Game but… Feels lifeless at the same Time. Might be just me though. Honestly I dont like to edit my videos to boil it down to just the action. the "me" factor gets cut down.

  5. I personally love full runs more, but I gotta say, these cut runs are cool too. Maybe uploading the full runs on your second channel and these to the main would be a good idea? Could leave you a lot more time to get the full run uploaded if it fucks up along the way.

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