GTA Five fan tries surviving siege from god-powered Twitch chat

Twitch streamer DougDoug’s Grand Robbery Auto 5 purpose was once easy: to power from level A to indicate B with out death. The catch? He had given his audience modding powers, permitting them to do anything else to him whilst he was once taking part in.

And I imply anything else. With the assistance of some Python code modeled after the vintage Twitch Performs Pokémon idea that blew up years in the past, DougDoug made one thing that permit audience enter instructions to the chat. Inside moments of surroundings it are living, other folks have been making helicopters fall from the sky and explosions move off throughout DougDoug. It wasn’t lengthy prior to any person outright disabled his skill to make turns whilst using. Dying was once inevitable.

The video embedded above showcases some other GTA 5 runs making an attempt to perfect the Twitch chat, all through which DougDoug tries the whole lot simply to are living for some other 2nd. It’s very a lot a David-and-Goliath state of affairs — at one level, when DougDoug manages to get at the highway, the Twitch chat responds through forcing his automotive to spit him out. But it surely additionally turns out like there are excellent samaritans within the chat as nicely, as a result of some other folks additionally check out giving him vehicles to power when he’s motionless.

However even benevolent movements can utterly backfire — DougDoug gets saddled with too many vehicles, making it arduous to transport ahead in any respect. Different audience mess with such things as the time of day, or make NPCs observe DougDoug round. My favourite bit, despite the fact that, is how the chat helps to keep forcing DougDoug to bop or pose for the digicam, which can be animations that forestall him from doing anything else helpful. All over one phase, as an example, DougDoug is fortunately making development, handiest to step out of the auto and get started doing yoga as an alternative. Then he helps to keep doing yoga whilst all hell breaks free round him. It’s like one thing out of Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming Unfastened Man film.

DougDoug finally ends up having to show off animation controls, however don’t fear, the chat simply will get extra devilish. Quickly, DougDoug is popping into an alien, phasing during the map, teleporting, and extra.

Whilst GTA On-line has well-documented and pervasive dishonest issues, it is a uncommon case the place everybody concerned is consenting to be messed with, and the effects are golden.

People can obtain the code that makes this all conceivable right here.

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