Great Blackjack Win – $ 2800 – Splitting 2's – NeverSplit10s

Great Blackjack Win – $ 2800 – Splitting 2’s – NeverSplit10s

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1:36 Tutorial Pointers – Blackjack Technique



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24 Replies to “Great Blackjack Win – $ 2800 – Splitting 2's – NeverSplit10s”

  1. I count the cards. Running count it’s -17 true count about -6 still winning? This is luck or card counting does’ t work ?

  2. Spitting a pair of 10's on the dealers any up card is a stupid beginner mistake… however knowing when to split a pair of 10's on the dealers up break card, can get you a spotted as a card counter!

  3. Hi. Just a question. How would your strategy change if the dealer only draws one card for himself first? That is, if the dealers has 10 or Ace, you wouldn’t double down or split, for he could easily draw a blackjack and kill all your bets. Would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on this issue. Thanks and keep up the great work! Cheers.

  4. How is it possible that you win 7 out of 10, I play one on one with the dealer and I loose 9 out 10 times!!! It’s probably just my luck….

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