Grandma commits cold-blooded crime, then is going playing

An army reservist is attacked in his house in a gated group close to San Diego, California. After committing the cold-hearted crime, the shooter went out for an informal breakfast.


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  1. If the term "Wolf In Cheap Clothing!" applies here, then Evil Granny definitely fits that role.

    Trying to hug her daughter, like she was Little Red Riding Hood……….DISGUSTING!!!

  2. If he's such a horrible abusive person, why not call the police? If he's so horrible, why he invited her to stay after her stroke? If everyone knew he is so horrible, why would she accept to go live there? Bs, if he's so awful, why his last words were grandma I love you. Grandma seemed like she was the one terrorizing the home. They probably just brushed it off as she's old. Rip

  3. Yeah she was wrong, but she told the pure unadulterated truth. So sad, but true! She ain't got long anyway so it don't matter about jail time!

  4. “we looked into the allegations of abuse & we found weather or not they were true, she had no right” that means THEY WERE TRUE! Cause if they weren’t you’d obviously just say no.

  5. Daughter: oh God, mom!! why'd you do this?
    Grandma: I wanted to.
    Grandma:oh honey,come kiss me please
    Granddaughter: no, you killed my dad

  6. Are these even real, recorded 9-11 calls or actors reading out the transcripts? They sound wayyy too "morning FM radio actor"-ish to my ears.

  7. Thankfully my grandma worked hard her whole life and is comfortably living her golden years and she’s a sweetie! This woman doesn’t even sound like she was a proper mother growing up. Cynthias children were probably raise by other family members she doesn’t seem capable of taking care of anything
    Bloody useless

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