Going through The Penalties of Excessive Playing | Sequence 2 Episode 5

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A person whose lifestyles used to be nearly ruined by way of playing habit meets two playing lovers.

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38 Replies to “Going through The Penalties of Excessive Playing | Sequence 2 Episode 5”

  1. I think the gambling addiction has got to do with the unrealistic amount of money u can win and the bright neon lights and it’s easy to do kinda like social media addiction..

  2. I didn't realize it was easy in the UK. The US has alot of issue with this but dang! I'm not sure how credit scores there work, but 13? Dang! Good teachings!

  3. I didn’t realise how bad my gambling is, if I went on that show ide look like such a embarrassment and let down to all my family I’ve spent/done a lot more than these people and I’m probably on a worse wage. I just wish I never started

  4. Just heard one caller on a radio phone-in about this very subject and I agree that it is all types of individuals across the board including women gamblers. Like any addiction, it is recognising a problem/problems via self help, counselling, being a better person than before. I also think that we all need to change our attitudes to gambling be it companies, leaders, ordinary member of public, laws etc. Going down the lines of solutions, support groups, plans in place so that male and female individuals do not end up like previous generations have done.

  5. :Apologies for the novel written but here's my own experience, I'm grateful for videos and more attention on this topic:
    People just like this lady in the video (from her over reaction of someones loss and way of thinking it can't possibly happen to me, I wouldn't stake that much mentality) don't understand the seriousness of having a gambling addiction or being a compulsive gambler and it being on the same level as any other form of addiction. I have lost insane amounts over the years, in some occasions won up to a certain amount of money I wouldn't see with saving for years to come again, but lost every last bit in the space of less than an hour due to greed or the lack of strength to know when to stop. I have gone to GA (gamblers anonymous) meetings and heard many stories of how it has ruined many peoples lives and for those who care the most for them, something irreversible for them and something if I continued would be inevitable for myself too.

    To try put it into perspective, the sick horrible feeling of heartbreak and pain you would associate with when losing someone in life, waking up the next morning with that feeling for days on end, beating yourself up at how stupid you feel for losing a big amount of money would be constant. Some mornings you would wake up with that same feeling that you lost loads the previous night when you didn't even gamble or haven't gambled in years but you're still mentally strained to wake up feeling like that when it didn't even happen can be the norm and something that happens quite regularly to myself.

    In the UK and Ireland from experience it is quite difficult to stay away from gambling, its everywhere you look without trying to look for it. From ads on social media trying to sign you up on casino and bookmakers offers, watching any sort of sporting event on TV when it goes to an Ad break or something as simple as seeing an Ad on TV during the break of "The Chase" or even Cornation street which always bemuses me for 'Gala bingo', newspapers with free matched bets of €/£5, all of it trying to suck you in to something that will chew you up and spit you eventually if your willpower isn't as strong as some who genuinely have no interest only during big events.

    Although measures are available such as Gamban (this isn't available in Ireland) I still feel there's not enough to prevent the next generation of teenagers starting to gamble and to protect them from going down this dark path. It is within choice to gamble I understand that such as it is to drink or smoke etc but this sort of addiction just as much as the above forms has caused futures, dreams and lives to end but there is severely more promotion for gambling than of the above in media today that can encourage even the non addictive traits people have to gain one.

    I hope if you do partake in gambling, you find the strength to know when to stop, don't ever chase your losses or even better don't start in the first place if you haven't, be conscious to where it can lead you or people you love and to be took seriously. I honestly wish I never had that taste of winning because the defeats will always haunt me more, but will feel accomplished every day I dont gamble from now on in life.

    Finally if anyone ever needed to talk about this I'll always be here to share or support just send me a message or download an app called "Gambling Therapy" if you feel it's getting out of hand it's a brilliant app that allows people with the same experiences to chat and has different methods of how to help you deal with it all, not cure it, it cant be cured an addiction but it can be controlled. (I have no part in this company btw!)

    Thank you if you took the time to read a lengthy comment like this, I hope it may help someone and always remember the best way to double your money is to fold it up in half and put it in your pocket!

  6. When it Comes to Gambling, Spend more Time Planning, Capping, Scaling, Setting Limits, Researching, and Executing in Small Amounts. And Loosing first time lots of money is a good lesson. NOT to Continue Gambling without a stratedy

  7. Like any other addiction, gambling (the thrill of the chase) can get way out of control before you realize how much financial/psychological damage has occurred. These people are still young and can bounce back and live a beautiful and fulfilling life without gambling.

  8. Beyond belief, it might helf if you started with banning gambling for kids, at places like BUTLINS AND PONTINS, and other holiday places that promote child gambling. But THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA WILL DO NOTHING TO STOP THIS CHILD GAMBLING

  9. Rarely bet anymore and feel so much better for it. No matter how much you’re down by just give it up, forget about it and move on. Times the healer. 👍🏼

  10. I like (or dont like) the way she sits there laughing when he said he cant get anything on credit. There is no such thing as "blacklisting" – you have a credit score and thats it (from three main credit agencies). The biggest one is Experian which rates people 0 to 999.Five years ago I was 112 and addicted to gambling the sames as the Guy in this video, with help from Gamstop / my family and friends I'm now away from this horrible addiction, have a credit rating of 979 – I'm SO gload I'm past that stage of my life, If I can do it – anyone can.

  11. The biggest lie about gambling is that it can be done for "entertainment". It's not entertainment. If it were, you could happily play a game or watch the sport without gambling. It's not the same as watching a movie, because everyone gets the same thing if you pay to see a movie. Nobody gets asked to leave half way through because they run out of money.

    Show me someone who "can afford to lose" money and I'll show you someone with a problem, even if they don't end up poor/in debt, they will have some kind of issue going on in order to have that thought process.

  12. This is far more common than what people think. I got addicted to gambling at age 10 on an online game called habbo hotel, started hacking runescape accounts for virtual currency to fuel my habbo casino addiction, at one point at around age 13 I had over £1000 of ingame currency that couyld be cashed out but i physically couldnt stop myself from gambling it and losing it all. Anyway it got really bad at age 18+. I was on maybe 3-4k a month and at one point I lost 12000 in one roulette spin. It was horrendous. I'd have about £10k. on online casino roulette and id be gambling like £7000 a spin. Was terrifying. EVERY SPIN id chuck on the thousands, heart pounding, pacing around my room BEGGING to god (im not even religious) that i will stop if I win this one spin. I never stopped until it was all gone. won 18k before after depositing 5k and i physically couldnt withdraw it, just kept going until it was all gone. Never had any interventio nor help but im slowly stopping gambling, i havent gambled big in nearly a year.. I estimate I've lost over 50,000 gambling, perhaps more. Maybe 100k. Im 25. Even as I type this I can feel my brain buzzin thinking about the £10k roulette spins where I had hundreds of pounds on single numbers. For someone earning maybe £40-£50k a year max that was sheer insanity. And I still feel tempted. Addiction is real. I was never a 'habitual gambler' where I was constantly betting because when I got my wages itd be gone in 30 minutes. Had no more scratch to gamble until the next month. I still remember when I was 19 in unviersity and I won £4000 from roulette as I had over £100 on my favourite number and I started seeing red, my heart was pounding so much, I was completely winded. The rush was unreal. I had maybe a couple hundred quid in my bank account at the time so 4 grand was astronomical. Im now 20 grand in debt and owe 50 grand in student loans. Moral of the story? DONT DO IT.

  13. I’ve lost about $60,000 on sports betting and casino the past 12 years! Thankfully I stopped gambling a year ago. It’s so addicting but thank god I am over it. It’s a huge huge waste of time and money.

  14. I mean gambling is tempting cause if you winn multiple times there sth like a intense rush and you want to feel it more and more.
    So I guess your brain spreads hormones of endorphins in your body…. like a reward. 🤔😊

  15. Er.. no. Don’t be more ‘disciplined’, just stop. If you’re irresponsible enough to blow all your wages in a matter of minutes / hours / days, then selfishly rely on your sensible friends & family to survive through the month, there’s no such thing as ‘being disciplined’.

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